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Beth A. Snyder Hypnotherapy Joins Natural Healing Arts Group

Beth A. Snyder CCHt has joined Natural Healing Arts at 2030 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota. Snyder is a Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist with special focus on medical conditions. She holds State Licensed degrees with over 500 hours of training in hypnotherapy from The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy. 
Anything that the mind affects, hypnotherapy can improve. Snyder explains that hypnotherapy is actually a deeply relaxed state in which the subconscious mind can be accessed directly, allowing for safe, secure and successful personal transformation. Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to conquer unwanted habits, control pain and attract more abundance into one’s life. Hypnotherapy allows for the practitioner and participant to work as a team to uncover the personal power you already have inside of your mind. Anything that the mind affects can be changed using hypnotherapy, enabling practitioners to release old patterns which no longer serve you, and ultimately enhancing your life. 
Snyder currently offers one hour free consultations and a special three or six session package.
Location: 2030 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota. For more information and to schedule appointments, visit, phone 941-228-8010 or email to [email protected] 
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