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Cancer Screening Blood Test Now Available at Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives

Cancer is a common disease affecting dogs of all age, size and breed. Pet owners and veterinarians will be pleased to learn that there are now cancer screening tests available. Often the signs of cancer are vague and can mimic many other types of diseases making the diagnosis of cancer challenging.

Treatment can be invasive and expensive. As a result, cancer often goes undiagnosed until it is well advanced and spread throughout the body. While chemotherapy can help some pets, the treatment is unable to heal many of them due to the advanced stage of most diagnosed cancers, which typically have been active for a year or longer.

Early diagnosis allows for natural and traditional therapies to be more effective. Often chemotherapy may not be needed, as natural remedies such as herbs, essential fatty acids, plant extracts, tinctures and antioxidants may be able to reverse the cancer. This is great news for pet owners and veterinarians, as cancer is such a fearful diagnosis for our animal companions.

Happily, there is now an accurate early screening blood test available. This screen empowers veterinarians to detect cancer and other inflammatory diseases before the pet becomes ill. The new blood panel tests for abnormal cell division and systemic inflammation including thymidine kinase and C-reactive protein.

The panel is useful for monitoring treatment and disease progression. For patients undergoing therapy, results from the cancer panel can quickly indicate that the patient is responding to the treatment protocol.

The screening test is recommended if the pet is over five years of age, or if a suspicious mass or symptom emerges. If cancer is detected four to six months before the pet shows any signs of illness, cost of treatment and success rate can be greatly improved. Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives is now offering this low-cost cancer screening test.


Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives is a holistic specialty practice located in Sarasota. Jaime Gonzalez DVM, CVA and Sarena von de Heyde DVM see patients Monday through Friday with some Saturday hours. Susan Gonzalez is a Healing Touch for Animals® practitioner. Please visit or call 941-312-6825 for details.

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