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Living a More Balanced Life: Is This What People Truly Want?

Feb 27, 2015 11:47PM ● By Kathy Keh

Have you ever wondered why more people don’t try and lead a more balanced life? Well, one answer could be that they don’t have enough time. People tend to associate living a “balanced” life with a life that is only attainable after life slows down, and individuals who have highly demanding careers and/or rigorous parenting responsibilities may believe that a “balanced” life simply isn’t in the cards for them, at least until they retire, if they retire. Besides, for those of you who know retired people, they typically want nothing to do with slowing down.

When we talk about optimum health and wellness, the word “balanced” is frequently used, especially when it comes to describing energy-based healing modalities like Chakra “balancing” or “balancing” the energy flow of one’s home using Feng Shui. These two healing modalities, among many others, have been around for thousands of years and are known to be highly effective; yet they are still considered by most to be more esoteric than practical. Perhaps it is this word “balanced” again, but what people don’t realize is that the primary reason for using these principles in our lives has nothing to do with creating “balance.” The main reason that we use these principles is because they are, in fact, a prerequisite for living a vibrant, joyful, successful and inspired life. 

When we “balance” the Chakras, we are actually opening the channels of energy in our subtle body, which is responsible for the health of our emotions. We are unblocking the Chakras so that energy flows seamlessly through them. We do this in order to feel vibrant and inspired. We are not “balancing” the energy of the Chakras. When we talk about “balancing” the flow of energy in our homes using Feng Shui, we are actually opening a pathway for “chi” to flow seamlessly through our living environments so that a powerful life force surrounds and uplifts us. We are not “balancing” the energy of the home. 

Perhaps then, a better word to describe what we are actually doing is to say that we are methodically “enriching” our lives versus creating “balance” in them. The definition of “enrich” is to make richer, to make fuller, to make more meaningful, to make more rewarding. This is a far more active process than “balancing,” and one that lends itself to living life more fully. When we apply these powerful principles, the ultimate goal is to create a life for ourselves and our families that is the absolute best life we can live, the most vibrant, the most inspired, the most joyful, successful and rewarding, not to “Zen out” in a state of meditation and escape from the world. As more people grow to understand this, it is probable to say that living a life of “balance” will become more of a priority and not one that is left for a time when we are closing the loop in our lives.

With all this said, the future is bright in that these age-old healing principles are making a comeback. People are learning (sometimes the hard way) that subtle body health or the health of our emotions is of utmost importance. When we are not emotionally healthy, it is virtually impossible to create success in any area of our lives, and we can only create success when we feel bright and our lives are free of obstacles. We live our best life when everything flows freely within us and around us. 


Keh is a Master Practitioner of Classical Feng Shui, an Aura-Soma Chakra Balancing Practitioner, and owner of award winning boutique, Bright Life, which offers workshops and advanced education in subtle body anatomy and Feng Shui. Located at 2135 Siesta Drive, Sarasota. Connect at 941-366-8113 or [email protected]

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