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Upping the Frequency for a Fuller Life

Feb 27, 2015 11:41PM ● By Rev. Elizabeth Thompson

The combination of real true freedom, peace, joy and personal power is a simple habit that can be cultivated starting here and now. By devoting yourselves to this simple formula in a daily practice, you will experience shifts immediately. 

The invitation is to engage with your Higher Self that is ever-present by responding to your thoughts, emotions and actions in very predictable ways. By leveling-up your thoughts to higher ideals, your heart space to the magnet of love, and your actions to celebrate and enhance your world, you will reduce or eliminate pain and suffering to a great extent.  

We begin with a solution-oriented question: How can I move from pain and suffering into freedom and fulfillment? This question opens the gateway to new and expanded possibilities, which can free and fulfill you on every level…with the right amount of effort.

Life changes do not have to be a struggle. Struggle delays progress. Struggle is a habit. However, struggle can be replaced by the right attitude, effort and intention, supporting your heart’s desire and your soul’s journey to fulfillment. This is the art of living a great life.

We can partner with our Divine Source to live a free and fulfilling life. In fact, the only way to replace a life free from suffering and engage in one filled with peace, plenty and joy is to partner with our Indwelling Sacred Self.

The first stage is constructed by up-leveling our thinking patterns. The enlightenment of our consciousness is founded on the first principle of thought. Thoughts contain the energy that becomes self-fulfilling. Begin by choosing ideas that are life-affirming for you and others. This ignites the creative engines on the journey for fulfillment. So, we choose great ideas that inspire and uplift us. While it is tempting to stay in the realm of ideas, remember, this is only a first step toward lasting transformation. Keep in mind that this major first phase is one of three. These ideas when dwelled upon attract more of the same...only better! Once you use this way of thinking daily, it becomes a habit and clears the way for the second stage.

The second stage is the empowerment of the heart, which is centered on empowering emotions to enhance our life experience. Emotional pain is a primary signal that we have handed over our creative power to someone or something outside of our control. While coming to an understanding of where and how we jumped down the “rabbit hole,” an incessant need to figure out the “whys” and “wherefores” of how it got there and why it hangs around will not free us. Instead of moving forward, we become mired down in the probing. Energy stalls out and weakens our creative connection, which is essential to solution-oriented empowerment. So, instead of mulling over, “Why do I feel pain?” ask, “How can I experience love, joy or peace?” Through an empowering emotion, such as peace, you set the stage for peaceful circumstances. 

The same is true for joy or love. Our experience in the emotional realm follows our attention. It is as simple as this. Long-standing patterns of attending and emphasizing what is wrong set the stage for more of the same. Simply focus on resolution at this stage by feeling the feelings you would have once the challenge has successfully been met and resolved beyond your expectations. Now, you are amping up the frequency for empowered experience.

Taking inspired right action sets the third stage. Once you decide that a fuller and more expanded life is what you intentionally choose, then the exploration of ideas and emotions will lead to inspired right action. You will naturally feel the courage and urge to follow through. With practice, your actions will be more and more life-enhancing.  There is a natural segue from an enlightened idea that your empowered heart can embrace and from which your body will move forward. With diligent effort, results speak for themselves. 

Your practice becomes a habit that morphs into a life that serves you on every level. Enrichment in life experience is what every great teacher points to and demonstrates.  A higher frequency is where our human evolution is headed. The great living is here. The freedom is here. The power to engage life in ways that enhance it for yourself and others is here. It is about FREQUENCY. 

As you show up with to fresh ideas, alive to the empowering emotions, and ready to fully engage in life-affirming ways, your life amps up. Life is meant to be a joyous and empowering journey. Let this practice be a platform on which to build a richer, expanded experience that centers around these simple ideas.

Life is all about the enlightenment of consciousness. By choosing life-affirming ideas, the empowerment of the heart is awakened by compassion, wisdom, kindness, and enrichment of living from the ideals of service and celebration. 

Unity of Sarasota is having a forum on this topic March 25 at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.


Location: 3023 Proctor Rd., Sarasota. For more information call 941-955-3301 ext 22.

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