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Experience Deep Healing, Not Just a Surface Fix with Restorative Medical Center

Mar 29, 2015 01:10AM ● By Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer

Generally speaking, when you feel an illness developing, do you seek medical attention based on isolated symptoms restricted to certain regions of the body, or would you prefer an alternative and more therapeutic approach that addresses the root cause of your condition?

If the latter option sounds most appealing, Restorative Medical Center, located in North Port, provides deep healing and patient-oriented care through a holistic approach called Functional Medicine. Operated by Christina Parker, MSN, ARNP, Restorative Medical Center has been successfully aiding Southwest Florida residents for the past four years. 

While this unconventional brand of treatment may not yet be widely practiced, its results are highly effective.      

“Functional Medicine is looking at the whole body as a unit instead of using a systems approach. Rather than sending you to a cardiologist, pulmonologist or dermatologist, for example, I look at all the symptoms and find clues as to what the underlying concern is.

 “Functional Medicine is also very concerned with nutrition. We cannot be healthy if we don’t take in the right nutrients for our bodies to function properly. Just like a tree won’t grow without clean air, nutritious dirt and sunshine, we won’t thrive without those [essentials] either. For instance, acid reducers block the absorption of many nutrients, like B-12. Deficiencies in B-12 can cause nerve pain, fatigue, memory or concentration loss, and more.

Finally, I also look at genetics. Genes can be turned off or on, depending on both diet and illnesses,” explains Parker. 

After receiving her Master’s degree in Nursing from Graceland University, Parker initially embarked on a career in mainstream healthcare, which shortly thereafter left her unfulfilled. 

“Practicing traditional medicine, I found myself so unhappy. I felt like I was just putting a Band-Aid on everyone’s symptoms. I was also unconcerned with insurance companies telling me which tests I could run or what medications I could prescribe for my patients.

“Then, I read an article [written by] another doctor about how she treated her patients. This doctor happened to practice Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. Immediately, I felt like I wanted to be that healthcare provider. I love learning and wanted to continue my education,” adds Parker.

So, upon subsequently earning credentials from the American Academy of Anti-Aging, the Institute of Functional Medicine and SaJune Institute of Functional Medicine, Hormone Replacement and Anti-Aging, Parker found her true passion for healing others.

Restorative Medical Center offers a wide array of holistic and personalized care options, which includes the following: Bio-Identical Replacement therapy creams or pellets, Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy (injecting the body’s own stem cells and growth factors into the face or joints in order to re-grow healthy tissue), Far infrared sauna detoxification, Halotherapy (treatment for respiratory issues), Thyroid and other organ screenings, medical-grade vitamins without added fillers, and in-depth nutrition, cholesterol or food allergy tests, along with IV therapy to replete nutrient deficiencies.

In addition to the variety of services provided, Parker gives further insight into what sets Restorative Medical Center apart from other healthcare establishments.

“With the initial consult, I spend 30–60 minutes with a patient going over personal and family history, signs symptoms and medication concerns. This helps me to then decide which tests to run. I am not influenced by insurance companies or burdened with time constraints. Most [physicians] have 5–10 minutes to spend with each patient and only talk about one issue at a time. I know because this is what I was told to do while working in traditional medicine. Now, I really try to take my time and educate everyone,” she concludes.


Location: 2975 Bobcat Village Center Road, Suite 300, North Port. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 941-625-0304 or visit


Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer is a writer and copy editor for the Sarasota-Manatee edition of Natural Awakenings. She works as a freelance writer, blogger and social media marketer, based in Southwest, FL. Her personal blog,, features practical tips for embracing a fit, nutritious and empowered lifestyle. 

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