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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

More About PlantPure Nation

Behind the feature documentary film, PlantPure Nation, is a team of people working to spread the film and its message to as many cities across the world. PlantPure Nation will help to launch a strategy that engages millions of people everywhere to bring the message of plant-based nutrition to family, friends and neighbors. This effort will demonstrate how millions of people working together at the local level can solve a social problem that industry and government have failed to solve, with the goal of a world of healthy people, strong economies, sustainable food systems, and an environment on the mend.

Says Nelson Campbell, “We have developed an innovative strategy for launching and powering a grassroots movement. We believe that people working together can fix one of the most serious problems of our time, and in the process, demonstrate a way forward for solving many of our other pressing problems.”

“We often look up to people and institutions to lead us from a distance,” he continues.  “But if we want to take back our future, perhaps we ought to stop looking up, and start looking within and around ourselves for solutions.

“Importantly, this movement does not depend upon my father (Dr. Colin Campbell), me or any other person or small group of people.  It will derive its power from all the passionate people who choose to join it.  And this idea is not a diet, program or plan.  It is based on a simple fact of Nature equally accessible to everyone. We hope you will join with us in this effort!”


Natural Awakenings of Sarasota September 2020 Digital Edition


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