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An interview with Nick Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief: : A Step-by-Step Guide to Reducing and Eliminating Chronic Pain

Editor’s note: Hay House Publishing recently announced their top three best-selling books, and The Tapping Solution was one of them. This interview is part of the book review by Lindsay McGinty, Senior Publicist at Hay House.


How does tapping relieve chronic pain? 


There’s a lot of research being done at places like Stanford University that is giving us a better understanding of chronic pain. Back pain is a great example. It’s the number one cause of chronic pain, with over 30 million Americans and many more around the world suffering from it. That pain is often diagnosed as the result of a herniated disc, but studies show that a significant percentage of people with a herniated disc have zero back pain. We don’t know for sure whether a herniated disc even causes chronic pain! 

Thanks to recent studies of chronic pain, we know that stress and negative emotions like fear and anger increase pain. Those emotions are part of the body’s stress response, and that stress response can also turn short-term pain, like pain we experience after an injury, into long-term chronic pain. Tapping interrupts that stress response, including significantly lowering levels of the stress-related hormone cortisol. By putting the body into a more relaxed state, tapping allows the body to do what it’s meant to do, which is heal itself and relieve the pain. 

Why use tapping for chronic pain relief over other pain 
relief treatments? 


The short answer is because tapping works, has no negative side effects, and can be used anywhere. In addition to providing pain relief, tapping also relieves stress and improves physical, emotional and mental well-being. I’ve worked with a lot of people who, after years of taking pain medicine, have been able to stop taking it since they began using tapping for their pain. I’ve also seen people with degenerative conditions and very dire diagnoses get pain relief. To start, though, I recommend that people add tapping into what they’re already doing to manage their pain. As tapping relieves their pain, they can then work with doctors and health professionals to figure out what else they still may or may not need in addition to tapping. 


Does tapping work on all kinds of chronic pain? 


Yes, tapping can provide powerful pain relief for pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic migraines, RSD (also called CRPS), pain from an injury, surgery, degenerative conditions and much more. It works on pain throughout the body and also on pain that has been chronic for years, even decades. The list goes on and on. I always encourage people to just try it and keep using it until they get the relief they desire. 


Does tapping relieve real 
physical pain, or just 
psychosomatic pain? 


That’s an important question. The answer is yes, tapping relieves real physical pain. This is not imaginary pain. It’s very real physical pain and, in many cases, it’s excruciating. When we discuss the mind-body science around chronic pain, we’re talking about how stress and emotions work with the body to create real physical pain. It’s a new understanding of chronic pain. Tapping targets that pain on a physical and emotional level, which is why it’s so effective for pain relief. 


How will tapping impact the future of chronic pain treatment? 


Tapping provides safe, effective pain relief without any negative side effects, so there’s growing interest in tapping from medical professionals who are open to alternative healing modalities. More nurses, doctors and other health professionals are learning tapping and using it with patients. My hope is that someday tapping will become part of standard medical treatment for chronic pain and other conditions. It is an incredibly powerful treatment to use in hospitals, pre and post-surgery and, of course, as a preventive treatment. 

It has also had great results with treating PTSD, which often is accompanied by chronic pain. Vets, as well as trauma survivors in places like Rwanda and here in Newtown, CT, since the Sandy Hook school shootings, are getting pain relief and overcoming emotional and mental trauma because of tapping.


The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief: A Step-by-Step Guide to Reducing and Eliminating Chronic Pain is available April 21, 2015. Price: USA/CAN $19.99, ISBN: 9781401945244.


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