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Qi Revolution: National Event Slated for June

After 100 events and 50,000 attendees, we’ve upgraded the curriculum to what people said in surveys was “most useful in life.”  Qi revolution focuses on Food-Healing protocols for cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  New in 2015 is a greater “Scientific and Evidence-Based” approach to our presentations.  Lineup includes Foot Reflexology for on-the-spot pain relief and endocrine boosting effects.  Aside from clinical applications, there is a big Qigong/Energy component to the experience. Breathing techniques are the best natural high and creativity activators. Correct food, breath and blood-circulating exercises will open root Chakra which releases internal energy (some call it Kundalini) up the spine, boosting the endocrine system and, therefore, longevity. 

Qigong practitioner Jeff Primack and 100 other instructors will be leading a massive group to practice together at this year’s national event in Orlando, to be held on June 6 through 9. 

Special guest presenters with healing gifts headline the event.

“Real Deal” Taiji Master Jesse Tsao, who teaches the “Art of Rooting,” will illustrate what it’s like to be grounded firm in a stance.  Tsao will demonstrate being pushed by 10 mighty men and not budging.  Few humans in Qigong and Tai Chi can do this.  Tsao is world-famous and has achieved the top level of Tai Chi skill attainable.  

Renowned Acupuncturist Tom Tam is also joining, and he teaches how cancer begins in the nervous system with energetic blockages.  Tam has been compassionately treating many patients, who modern medicine has given up on, for 20 years in New England.  Cancer therapies using Acupuncture and Qigong are his specialty. 

Cost is $149 for four days of amazing Qigong healing.


Location: Orlando Convention Center. For more information and to register, call 800-298-8970 or visit

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