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Aura-Soma Courses to Be Taught in Sarasota by World-Renowned Dominic Yeoman

Mar 29, 2015 02:03AM

Yeoman is one of Aura-Soma’s most highly esteemed teachers, responsible for developing the original course materials over 25 years ago. He has dedicated his life to sharing the world of Aura-Soma with people all over the world, and will travel to Sarasota from Tetford, England, to teach two long-awaited courses.

Yeoman will teach a 6-Day “Level 1 Aura-Soma Practitioner’s Course” on April 20 through 25 (cost $700), and a 3-Day Course called “Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Tree of Life” on April 27 through 29 (cost $350). 

Aura-Soma is a powerful, self- guided, energy-based healing system used for personal development which is primarily driven by a person’s attraction to color. Each Equilibrium bottle, however, incorporates a unique combination of energetic signatures from three kingdoms: light (color), plant (herbs and flower essences) and mineral (crystal energies). There are 113 Equilibrium bottles in total to choose from, and each is applied to a different location on the body, depending on which Chakras are calling for the most support.

Aura-Soma originated in Tetford, England, over 30 years ago and is designed to open the Chakras in the subtle body. When our energy channels are open, we are more apt to develop greater clarity and objectivity about our lives which enables us to take the next right step in our personal evolution. The system helps us to fully realize our potential and to discover and fulfill our true life’s purpose by helping us release repetitive patterns that prevent us from living our best lives. 

Bright Life, Natural Awakenings’ 2015 Award Winner for “Best Business of the Year” will be hosting the courses. 


Location: 2135 Siesta Dr., Sarasota, across the street from Southgate Mall next to Sally’s Beauty Supply. For more information

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