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Bright Life Offers Aura-Soma Chakra Balancing Consultations

May 29, 2015 07:07PM

Kathy Keh, owner of Bright Life and Natural Awakenings’ 2014 Award Winner for “Favorite Business of the Year” is now offering Aura-Soma Chakra Balancing Consultations. Aura-Soma is a unique and innovative energy-based healing system, primarily driven by an individual’s attraction to color. The system originated in England where the founder, Vicky Wall, believed that colors were a mirror reflection of peoples’ deepest needs and desires, and that many potentially unseen yet life-affirming aspects of their lives could be brought into awareness through the interpretation of those colors they were most drawn to.

During a consultation, the client is asked to select four of their favorite dual-colored Equilibrium Chakra Balancing Bottles from a total collection of 113, and they are instructed to do this purely based on the color combinations they love the most. Working with an Aura-Soma practitioner, the client discovers what the bottles they selected represent in relation to their life and, with astounding accuracy, uncovers details surrounding their current life lesson, as well as the specific challenges that present the greatest obstacles to their personal growth. The consultations are not left up to a practitioner’s “interpretation” of the bottles, as each bottle has its own history and very specific healing qualities and indications.

What makes Aura-Soma so efficacious for healing is that the “expert” is actually the individual client, who utilizes their own inner guidance system for healing that they need at the present time. Within their four-bottle pick is also the remedy that have personally selected which will be most helpful for restoring balance – emotionally, physically and spiritually; hence the name “Equilibrium.” 

Contained in each of the bottles are two fractions: an upper oil-based fraction and a lower water-based fraction. Each of the fractions contains a unique combination of the energetic signatures associated with light (color), plant (flowers & herbs) and mineral (crystals). Most of the ingredients are grown on Shire Farm which is a Demeter Certified, Biodynamic farm owned by Aura-Soma located in Tetford, England. When the contents of each bottle are applied directly to the body, not only is it nourishing to the physical body, but also highly effective at opening up the channels of the etheric body which includes the Chakras responsible for the quality of our emotional well-being. 

Aura-Soma has a very strong presence in many parts of the world including Europe, Asia and Australia. It has helped many people experience direct contact with the powerful healing vibrations found in nature and, in doing so, has helped many people to develop a greater ability to experience their lives in a new light – one that reflects the true essence of their being, and one in which they are allowed to express their unique gifts to the world, unencumbered by the challenges of past conditioning. 

The cost of an Aura-Soma consultation is $195 which includes the remedy, and anyone who mentions Natural Awakeningswill receive a 10% discount through the end of July 2015. 


For more information visit, call 941-366-8113, or email [email protected].

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