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Reversing the Effects of Aging

May 29, 2015 07:31PM ● By Christina Captain, DOM

We all age, if we are lucky enough, and the key is in paying attention to and managing the process. By doing this, we enable ourselves to increase our health span, not just our life span. This is a choice, a philosophy that must permeate and infuse your entire life. Each decision you make in regard to what you eat, do, say and think must all reflect a basic philosophy of health and well-being. 

In order for this healthy aging process to manifest, one is required to make lifestyle changes that may be difficult and uncomfortable. It is also dependent on the amount of personal work you have done. The foundation of self-love must be firmly in place in order to be successful at healthy aging. Love and respect for oneself is necessary to create a life that will support your youthful health span. 

Can we continue to age chronologically and yet maintain a younger biological terrain? 

The answer is yes! Biological terrain is the environment in which your body, mind and spirit exist. This biological terrain can either support the growth of the body, mind and spirit, or it can degrade and destroy them.

This terrain, if kept clean and properly functioning, can actually become younger despite your chronological age. Just let that sink in for a bit. You can become younger in body, mind and spirit. Now, don’t let my casual style fool you into thinking this is an easy task. In fact, this task is quite arduous for some; it is time-consuming and can be costly. There is actually a test available, – it’s called a telomere test – and this blood test can determine how old your body is in comparison to your chronological age. 

 Now that your interest is piqued, let’s begin a journey to discover some of the ways that you can increase your health span and allow your biological terrain to become younger.

We all need our beauty rest! Adequate rest is a huge part of health; we age fastest when we do not get the rest we need. To put this concept to the test, the next time you don’t obtain adequate rest, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “How old do I feel today?” I guarantee that you will see my point.

We all need adequate amount of clean drinking water. There are so many reasons for this I cannot even begin to enumerate them. Our bodies are mostly water, and without consuming adequate amounts of water, we cannot keep our tissues, organs and skin moist and juicy – the way they were intended to be.

We should regularly support our bodies with therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic and massage. These healing modalities can gently guide our bodies into a healthy and harmonious balance.

We all need adequate exercise. Exercising the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our selves is key to making our biological terrain younger. Recently, I re-started the practice of Yoga. I find this practice to be a perfect blend of body, mind and spirit. It is just an incredible sensation on so many levels.  Cardiovascular exercise and strength training are equally important. Having more muscle than fat increases your caloric burn, as well as bone density. This is, of course, important in maintaining a healthy weight.

We all need clean food sources. Eating organic, fresh, local whole foods is exactly what we should all strive for. A variety of colored veggies and whole grains is a really good start. Another place to look is decreasing the amount of animal flesh you consume each day. If every person in the country just took one day per week and consumed no animal protein, the impact on everything from the environment to our water supplies would be major.

We all need contemplative time to provide us with inner reflection. Meditation is, in my opinion, the best way to go. Being able to quiet the mind leads us into a state where we can self heal. I wonder what you could heal if you gave your self the time and the space to focus on it. If you are too busy to focus your energy on healing, how you can expect to maintain a youthful terrain? 

Of course, these are the foundational blocks one needs to begin to reverse the age of their biological terrain. Anyone can start with these concepts tomorrow; however, there are many of us who are already living with a disease or diagnosis. Some of us have become that diagnosis, bought into it whole heartedly and without doubt. I am here to tell you to have doubt. Doubt the fact that you have to live with autoimmune disease, depression or diabetes. The people who are in this category just need a little more help than an article can provide. They require a little more guidance and caring to ease them into a healthful existence where self-love can permeate their lives and, in turn, shine outward to those around them. Seek out qualified practitioners who have integrity and walk their talk. Interview who you want to work with, ask around and get a referral. 

Remember, it is only in the unity of a healthy mind, body and spirit that we find truth, bliss and peace.


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