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An interview with Dean Burnside, A.f.C., President of Good News Pest Solutions

May 29, 2015 07:32PM

In 2006, Good News Pest Solutions made a landmark decision to “go green,” eliminating traditional chemical products and substituting natural active ingredients for eradication of household pests. 

Company President Dean Burnside acknowledges this was a daring move, but one that was preceded by careful research, study and hands-on testing. “We could see that the mood of the country was headed toward eco-friendly products,” he explains. “Major cities, including New York City, and some entire states were seriously considering banning all pesticides.”

Burnside continues, “We are not just eco-friendly, we are eco-superior. There is a heightened hunger in both the ‘green’ community and the nation at large for products that work better without poisoning our ground, our water, our air, our pets or ourselves. It’s been successful. Our client totals have increased to 8,000, satisfaction remains extremely high, and Good News is considered a national model for organic pest control – that’s good news indeed.”

To dispel some common myths about organic pesticides, Burnside answered a few questions frequently posed by consumers.


Q: What is the biggest difference between organic and traditional pesticides?

A: The biggest difference is the origin of the active ingredient. In the past, pesticides were developed to target the nervous systems of pests. Unfortunately, those same poisons affected animals and people, putting pets and homeowners at potential risk. Now, the target is muscle groups, for example the mandibles of termites. There’s an active ingredient in these new reduced-risk products which is only activated by an enzyme within an insect that people and other mammals don’t have. Good News only uses those products whenever possible.


Q: Is treatment with organic products more expensive than with traditional ones?

A: Not with Good News, and not at this time. Several years ago, when these products were introduced, there was a large investment in research and development. We were early adopters in this area, so our costs were high. Now, it’s very comparable. 


Q: Do organic applications need to be more frequent than traditional?

A: No, we have seen no difference in scheduled calls and non-scheduled callbacks.


Q: Is an organic application less effective in eradicating bugs?

A: Absolutely not! That’s where our “eco-superior” concept comes into play. We provide products that work better than what people anticipate. One example is a Syngenta product that we use extensively for subterranean termites called Altriset. We have been very pleased with this product, and I’ve been honored to share our experiences nationwide with other pest control operators on behalf of Syngenta.

Good News’ mission statement says it all: “Our purpose is to represent Jesus Christ to the Gulf Coast by providing peace of mind at a fair price, protecting our environment as the leader in green pest management, and serving others with excellence in all we do.”


To learn more, call 941-412-9610 or visit

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