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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Jul 01, 2015 02:06PM

The prevailing mindset in modern society is to use pain and strain in order to make gains. But, what if you backed off from this strain and instead used your mind to “quiet unnecessary muscular holding patterns” which allow you to achieve more with less effort? In other words, why not switch the focus from “working harder” to working smarter’? 

Only you can re-find your natural way of moving, so take time to look at how life’s habitual ways of moving have interfered with your ease and comfort. The good news is that you can relearn how to bend, roll and move side-to-side with ease in a way that can improve your agility, flexibility and balance to last a lifetime.  

Become your own coach and prevent injuries. Learn how by attending an evening seminar called “Regain/Maintain Lifelong Agility” on July 31, with speaker Bonnie Kissam.


For more information, call 941-360-2248 (home) or 941-587-4535 (cell), email [email protected] or  

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