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The Inner World of Super-Sensory Children

Jul 29, 2015 05:26PM ● By Juliette Jones

According to James W. Peterson, author of The Secret Life of Kids: an Exploration into their Psychic Senses, almost seven percent of children may have involutionary paranormal experiences on a daily basis. These children possess access to information, intuition and guidance not available to the ordinary five senses.  Inner senses are natural functions of the mind which we, as a modern society, have largely failed to recognize and understand, though this has not been true of cultures living close to nature and peoples of antiquity.  

Today, many think of super-sensory experience as mysterious, unimportant or even unacceptable.  But, perhaps if you reflect carefully, you may recall some unusual experiences in your own early life that took you a step beyond what you would now consider ordinary conscious awareness. 


“Any treatise on paranormal perceptions must start with the assumption that this ‘outside environment’ that we see with our normal senses is merely the outer crust of a vibratory reality that contains worlds within worlds of objective existence that are physically imperceptible.”

– James Peterson


There are quite a few varieties of paranormal experience in children inclusive of imaginary playmates, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, seeing auras, lucid dreams and other types of etheric and prophetic insight. You might say the “band width” of perception in people who receive definite psychic impressions is wider than average. 

There are those who equate all supersensory and psychic experience with spiritual giftedness, but this is not the case. Perception of psychic phenomena is more of a capacity and could be thought of as a way to see or hear on a different level. Spiritual experience is something else and comes with an expansive sense of unification that arises from higher spheres where life energies flow and mingle with the physical realm. Neither psychic nor spiritual phenomena should be confused with hallucinations, as some would have you surmise. Hallucinations exist, of course, but this is not the phenomena being referenced here.

For the most part, I have seldom been inclined to seek out psychic readings for a number of reasons, but I once booked an appointment with Beatrice Rich, a professional psychic featured in Michael Talbot’s now seminal work, The Holographic Universe. Rich has been widely and favorably referenced in connection with a great deal of scientific study and anecdotal examination. I found my way to her doorstep just subsequent to reading Talbot’s book and by way of an unusual synchronicity.  As it turned out, she had attended high school with a member of my church, and was in town for a brief visit.    

Before beginning the session, she explained her skills were purely psychic and had nothing to do with spirituality. She picked up a deck of playing cards, began shuffling, and told me that the cards were simply used as a distraction to help her clear a space for internal impressions. I asked about the origin of her skills, and she recounted that her abilities first emerged in childhood when she suddenly began to receive pictures and messages.  

Rich was careful to instruct me as to the manner in which she delivered her impressions to clients – unfiltered and directly as they came to her. Further, that all impressions were not accurate; some came through as might be the case in a dream, and subject to misinterpretation.  Finally, that her accuracy had been tested many times and she was generally regarded as about eighty percent correct.  

When all was said and done, I was genuinely impressed with her matter-of-fact approach and super-sensory skill set. She was able to relate detailed information that couldn’t have been ascertained through the ordinary senses or known by anyone other than myself. True to form, I’d estimate she was about eighty percent correct. This experience was educational and gave me greater insight into genuine “on demand” psychic ability, and how it might or might not be useful. 

It’s important to understand all paranormal phenomena are not equal. Psychic experience in children appears to be rather common – more so than in adults – and, like any other faculty, should be met with a helpful, non-judgmental presence. Distinguishing levels of consciousness, the nature of underlying realities, and truth from fiction can be difficult to accomplish, especially for persons who have not experienced extra-sensory perception or are prejudiced against it.  Remember, just because your TV set isn’t hooked up to all the channels, doesn’t mean they’re not being broadcasted!


“O world invisible we view thee, O world intangible we touch thee.”

– Francis Thompson


My grandmother, Barbara (who died before I was born) had accustomed her husband and seven children to the demonstration of her “second sight,” meaning that she could sometimes know and see things before they were known in the physical world.  She and my grandfather, Joseph, raised their family on the northernmost tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Northern Michigan.  Joseph worked in the mines during the turn of the century copper mining boom. They were hard working, deeply loving people who lived in a sparsely populated village at a time when telephones didn’t even exist.  

Late one evening, Barbara went out to draw water from the well, and as she was doing so, her sister appeared to her in an etheric form (like a hologram) and communicated telepathically, informing her that she had died and was now on the other side.  She encouraged Barbara that all was well and further noted that a messenger would be arriving on the following morning to confirm the news. My grandmother went back into the house and told everyone what she had experienced. Sure enough, the messenger arrived with the news on the following morning as predicted. Stories like this one were handed down as part of our family heritage, not as entertainments of the mind, but intended to enter into the shaping of the relationship with self and reality.


“A bioenergetics program exists within us when we awaken from the consensus slumber of culture at large and remember that we were once seeds of light, traveling among the stars.”

– Hank Wesselman, Anthropologist

I vividly remember many childhood depth perceptions inclusive of lucid dreams, etheric visions and profound sensing of higher dimensional realities. Happily, I was born into a matrilineal line that took such abilities as a normal childhood aspect of psycho-spiritual growth. Not that all such abilities were necessarily linked to spiritual wisdom or initiation, but rather to be welcomed as aspects of the inner life, examined andsometimes embraced as spiritual or realization. The acceptance and integration of such inner experiences (with the help of my mother) was critical to the maturation of my true intelligence, spiritual intuition and internal perception of reality.

The ability which allows a parent or guardian to listen deeply, using a non-judgmental ear and with respect for the child’s inner reality, is vital for all children and especially significant in the case of those who display super-sensory perception. In our present world, these kids will be met by a largely unbelieving culture, and it’s helpful that they understand everyone does not see or hear things as they do. Parents who recognize super-sensory ability in their child would do well to learn more about such phenomena and, above all, provide an atmosphere for the child to express what he or she is experiencing without being invalidated.  It’s just possible that the child can teach something to the adult.  

Remember, many of the world’s wisest people have acknowledged how common unusual states of consciousness are in childhood or how close children are to the spiritual world. Some have described aspects of this as almost oneness with the nature of God. 


“When we grasp how these early psychic abilities are designed by nature to be integrated into and put to the service of higher realms of intelligence later in life, the mature spiritual intuitions, we are then well on the road to realizing what this divine play of development of consciousness is all about.”

– Joseph Chilton Pearce

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