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Bright Life

Oct 07, 2015 01:23PM ● By Juliette Jones

Often, the most interesting events and stories in our lives appear to “just happen,” independent of conscious planning or forethought. Personally, I do not believe in synchronicity; I rely on it. 

            Not long ago, I happened to be in the garden department of a home improvement store in Sarasota, looking for a particular kind of flowering bush. My mini-dachshund, Shanti, was sitting peacefully on the child seat of my shopping cart. She’s a service animal, and with good reason – I call her “Healer Hound.” A particularly lovely woman approached us and asked if she could just take a closer look at Shanti. Immediately, I saw that Shanti liked her by the way she stuck out her nose out and invited a pet. As it turns out, my new acquaintance once had two dachshunds. 

            We introduced ourselves, began chatting and discovered more common interests.  Eventually, she asked me what brought me into Sarasota (I had mentioned I live near Warm Mineral Springs). I explained that I was with a friend who was exploring metaphysical centers in the area, and we were on our way home. It was then that we came upon our mutual interest in the subject of inner awareness and conscious evolution. That’s how the universe introduced me to Kathy Keh and, therefore, Bright Life.


The Story of Bright Life

Keh is a Master Practitioner, teacher of Classical Feng Shui and owner of Bright Life. However, she didn’t start out with the objective of promoting beauty and balance as a profession.

            “I majored in English and Poetry at UCLA but wound up with a twenty-year career in high tech sales and business development, working for companies like Adobe Systems and Microsoft. My career was a success, but I didn’t have personal peace. I had the feeling that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to be doing,” explains Keh.

            Meanwhile, in the background of her life, Keh began working with Feng Shui as a recreational pastime. She got started by reading Modern Feng Shui books like Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Carter, but soon turned to Classical Feng Shui which provided the depth of meaning, understanding and results that she sought, and over time, she evolved into a Master Practitioner.    

            One day, she had a bright idea, “I’ll start a Feng Shui store!” Two weeks later, everything was moving forward then, within three months, a store was born and named Feng Shui Sarasota. That was six years ago, and since then, the shop has earned much acclaim including Natural Awakenings’ 2014 Nattie Award for “Favorite Business of the Year, the Sarasota Herald’s 2015 Readers Choice Award for “Best Local Gift Shop” and Sarasota Magazine’s Best of Award for “Best Gift Shop” every year since 2012.

            Every year since its opening, Bright Life’s offerings have expanded beyond the original Feng Shui accessories. Last month, the store closed for renovation and transformation to incorporate a formal training and event space.

            Like the establishment itself, a bright life has many facets. In fact, the name itself embraces what we all desire and points us in the right direction. Keh expounds, “Bright Life is dedicated to helping people find their ‘bright’ place in life – that place where they feel joy, fulfillment and a strong connection to what they are uniquely meant to do in life. Everything we sell here and every event we hold here is a means to that end.”


“We live in a world more intricately and holistically organized than we may ever have previously supposed”      

                                                                                    – David Spangler, author & philosopher.


One of the subjects we discussed on the day we met was Keh’s work with Chakra balancing.  This caught my attention because I had been working with a Chakra meditation for about three months which helped me overcome a difficult life challenge and, at the same time, deepened my spiritual perspective. I had been on the lookout for materials on the subject of Chakra meditation and made up my mind to check out the lead that had fallen so naturally into my hand.

            A few weeks later, I visited Bright Life, and Keh introduced me to a Chakra-related balancing system called Aura-Soma which is more commonly used in Europe, Australia and Asia than here in the United States. Recounting this technique would not begin to describe how it works experientially; it needs to be encountered through the use of one’s own faculties. 


“A picture is worth a thousand words, but an experience is worth a thousand pictures.”

                                                                                    – Juliette Jones


Auro-Soma features the use of small, brightly-colored bottles of liquid containing extremely pure oils, plant based materials, flower essences, crystals and water. Each of these 113 bottles contains two colors, discreetly separated from one another (as oil separates from water). The juxtaposition of the oil- and water-based colors is fascinating and brilliant. Each combination emits different frequencies picked up by the eye. The recipient of the reading selects four of the bottles based on the colors which he or she finds most attractive. Then, the magic begins…  

            Like music, color has frequency. Our attraction to certain colors can be employed in a certain manner to reveal specific, implicate information about aspects of our inner lives not readily available to ordinary conscious awareness – information essential for transformation and growth. My choice of color frequencies synchronized perfectly with the content of my current life path and provided some helpful revelations. After the initial session, a specific oil and frequency can be applied to the body to generate an additional clarifying, healing effect. 

            Having used essential oils in a variety of ways, I have experience with various fragrances and frequencies used to induce a clarifying, healing and mood-altering effect. The oil that I happened to select during the Aura-Soma process was subsequently effective as a catalyst in bringing about an important dream which revealed certain information I had been seeking. This was followed by some other effects which assisted in meditation. As a whole, I was impressed by the Aura-Soma process which was interesting, revelatory and enjoyable.

            I am told that, over the summer, Bright Life has undergone a substantial spatial transformation and reopened with a new look, beautiful gift items and an expanded menu of attractions, some of which are still in the formative stage. In addition to the programs that Bright Life will initiate, there is now space for classes and workshops available for others seeking a place to teach or facilitate an event. Those who wish to inquire about use and scheduling should contact Keh as soon as possible, as a calendar is being scheduled.


Kathy Keh is a Master Practitioner of Classical Feng Shui, an Aura-Soma Practitioner and owner of Bright Life. Location: Southgate Village 2135 Siesta Dr., Sarasota. For more information, call 942-366-8113, email [email protected] or visit


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