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Eight Natural Chinese Anti-Aging Secrets

Oct 07, 2015 01:17PM ● By Rene Ng, DOM, AP, L.Ac


  1. Drink tons of green tea: Green tea is a health powerhouse packed with antioxidants and metabolism-boosting properties.
  2. Soy is a huge part of our diet: For thousands of years, the Chinese have been consuming various soy-based foods such as miso, tofu, edamame and soy sauce as part of their daily diets.
  3. Move around regularly: Walk more on a daily basis. Did you know that the average person in Hong Kong walks more than 6 miles a day? Walking will also help to keep the waistline slim.
  4. The sun is not our friend: In general, the Chinese have historically avoided the sun. In fact, the sun is a major contributor to rapid aging and cancer development if adequate measures are not taken to protect against harmful rays. Prolonged exposure to sunlight is a direct cause for many skin disorders, diseases and cancers.
  5. Desert is just fruit: In China, desert primarily consists of fruit as opposed to cake, sweets or dairy foods.
  6. Eat ginger: Ginger is in most Chinese food dishes. It stimulates circulation, improves the immune system, and even acts as an aphrodisiac.
  7. Minimal dairy intake: The Chinese diet includes very minimal dairy intake, if at all.
  8. Chinese Medicine can protect against unhealthy aging, several medical issues and chronic diseases.


Rene Ng, DOM, AP, L.Ac, is a board-certified licensed Acupuncture Physician and Chinese Herbalist, located in Sarasota. In 2014, he was voted Sarasota’s “Favorite Acupuncture Physician” for a second year in a row, and was also voted the area’s “Favorite Anti-Aging Practitioner.” For more information, Ng can be reached at 941-773-5156 or via email: [email protected]

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