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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Harmonize Your Life Energy – It’s All Within You to Do!

Oct 07, 2015 01:44PM

Tonya Laughlin, LMT and Certified Instructor, introduces a new class called Body Tuning which involves breathing, stretching and Qigong. With over 20 years of education and experience in holistic living, Laughlin thoroughly understands the delicate dynamics of the human anatomy. 

            Breathing calms your mind and body, while bringing your life energy into the body. Stretching elongates your muscles, tissues and fibers, increasing flexibility and circulation and moving your life to the cellular level. Qi (pronounced “Chi”) is the life energy, both in us and all around us. Gong are the benefits acquired through perseverance and practice. Therefore, Qigong is an ancient holistic system of self-healing exercise, breathing and meditation for a prolonged life. Qigong activates your life force throughout your whole being.

            Body Tuning brings breathing, stretching and Qigong together. This practice improves circulation throughout your entire system, promoting healthier blood flow, digestion, organ function, muscular strength, sleeping, etc. You will learn to feel your body breathe as you breathe.

            This class is being offered in Sarasota throughout October and November on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Cost is $7 per class or a package of 10 classes for $50.


Private sessions are also available. For more information, call 970-389-4019. 

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