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Releasing Cause with Doctor Paula Koger

Oct 07, 2015 02:56PM

It has long been known that most of us are sensitive to sound and light. This sensitivity and receptivity is utilized in medicine to facilitate the release of patterns stored in the brain and memory circuits of the body, following physical and emotional trauma, as well as causing diseases and pain.

            A good example of this is phantom limb syndrome. Even when there is no limb, pain can be felt. When we focus on the pain and use the proper neutralizing frequencies of sound or light, we can disrupt and neutralize the transmission to stop the pain.

            After 45 years in the healthcare field, I can tell you the most neglected and effective therapies remove toxic effects of substances, emotional traumas and beliefs contributing to the blockage in the tissues of the body and stored in the brain and memory. In this process of releasing the emotional causes, which are 95% subconscious, the doctor uses Biofeedback to help you tune into the traumas we are taught to suppress. Sound or light frequency matches and disrupts these causative patterns.

            Emotional trauma and belief are the largest part of causing diseases. We have the most to gain from their resolution and release. As a nurse, counselor and doctor, I have experienced that just talking or sedating does not get it out effectively enough to unblock the energy, restore the tissues, and bring you to the level of joyful vibrant health you can achieve by using these safe therapeutic interventions.


Dr. Koger is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine at Wealth of Health Center in Sarasota. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 941-539-4232 or email [email protected]

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