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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Life-Changing Insights with Powerful Tools for Transformation Healing and Energy

Nov 03, 2015 08:05PM

Every few generations, someone comes into the world illuminating the spiritual path more brightly and uplifting others to walk upon it. Since his clairvoyant sight emerged in 2007, Cristo L. Bowers has perceived and shared what only a few clairvoyant teachers have seen. He is currently one of the most highly developed clairvoyant intuitives on the planet. 

            The scope, depth and clarity of his capabilities equal or surpass the most renowned clairvoyants of this and past generations, and he transforms the lives of thousands with his amazing insights. Bowers is also a notable spiritual teacher and powerful energy healer. He has the archetypal energy of “The One Who Makes Others Whole.”

            David Winfree is an inspiring spiritual teacher, energy healer and author of the book The Evolution of the Human Energy Field, co-written with Bowers. This book broadens humanity’s understanding of the function, meaning and structure of the human energy field and conveys how this information can transform lives. He has the archetypal energies of “The One Who Opens the Door for Others” and “The One Who Pours Out Blessings.”

            Together, they will be hosting a workshop series on November 12–15. Topics will include  “Advanced Energy Anatomy Lecture,”  “A Clairvoyant Demonstration,” “Receiving Your Spiritual Name,” “Attaining Your Highest Aspirations,” “Using Crystals for Major Transformation,” “Discovering  Your Unique Archetypal Patterns,” “Your Hidden Negative and Limiting Beliefs,” “Paths of Transformation” and “Divine Energy Immersion.”


Location: Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, 5041 Ringwood Meadows, Sarasota. Cost: $250 (four-day pass) or $250 (November 14–15). To register, call 941-371-9333 or visit For more information, visit or see the Calendar of Events in Natural Awakenings.

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