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To Go Deeper, You Must Dive In

Nov 03, 2015 05:54PM ● By Reverend Elizabeth Thompson, Unity of Sarasota Senior Minister

To go deeper, you must dive in.  This pithy statement involves our risking, getting wet, getting lost and even doing a painful belly flop.  

            There is a reason “darkness covers the face of the deep,” as we read in the first chapter Genesis. Symbolically, this concept represents unexplored territory and potential, but to the “spiritual child” in us, it presents an excellent opportunity to explore for buried treasure. The discovery of hidden treasure waiting to be claimed, as well as adventure waiting to be experienced, is the essence of becoming childlike to enter the Realm of Heaven. This is spoken of by the ancients. Even today’s scientists refer to a universal field which creatively, responsively and actively participates in our lives.

            The trick is understanding how to dive in and interact with this field of creative possibilities which are influenced directly by each of us in greater or lesser degrees. Our individual degrees depend on our willingness to dive into life. 

            At the first level, we cultivate our Sacred Witness. We observe our consciousness and environment, seeing through the layers of obvious and hidden motivations. We watch the movement within us and around us, without judgments of right or wrong.  

            The second level indicates how we view what is unfolding. At this level, any pretense interferes with our development of intuition and holistic influence. So, with direct and deliberate attention, we fine-tune our attention to noticing all the goodness that is present and can be cultivated in each moment. We do this with gentle compassionate awareness.  

            For example, I frequently ask myself, “What is the level of maturity of this reaction in me? Is it childlike curiosity or childish reactionary?” This frank inquiry gives me instant access to my intuitive response which is never to put down, but always to build up the potential for absolute goodness, joy, peace and soul advancement. 

            From this point, we are able to easily go deeper into the third level of buried treasure and possibilities. Here, we gain access to the infallible guidance system with the voice of Infinite Wisdom―which the ancients called the “still small voice” ―of our indwelling Creator, Source and Counselor. This guidance speaks with no urgency or condemnation, only unconditional acceptance. We are required to make a gentle yet deliberate effort to dive into our own hidden realms. This deeper space exists in constant communication with the Universe.  

            May I suggest a rapid way to awaken your connection deeper realms of all-goodness within and around?  Begin with compassion and keen attentiveness to the good this now moment. With your ever-increasing attunement to the empowering Universal invitations, your discovery of bliss will be inevitable. You will become one with the blessings around you.  

            Ultimately, exploring these levels will help you gain traction with the joy of your own spiritual dive into the deep on a regular basis. This willingness gives way to your recognition of the endless array of invitations at hand regardless of your personal readiness. The dive will invite you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. It is an invitation that you can welcome because you have firsthand knowledge that there is always more good to uncover.

            Join us at Unity of Sarasota for an empowering spiritual workshop on November 15 at 12:30 p.m. (registration begins at 12:15). This workshop will delve deeper into these salient points, and you will come away from the session with practical tips to utilize in your everyday life which will positively and meaningfully enhance your life. So, come meet and learn with other like-minded souls in a nurturing environment. A love offering is greatly appreciated. 

Location: 3023 Proctor Rd., Sarasota. For more information on upcoming events and classes at Unity of Sarasota, visit

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