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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Our Sacred Love Temple Hosts Sacred Sexuality Workshops

Sarasota’s Sacred Love Temple is hosting a series of workshops to teach and explore the topic of sacred sexuality.  These workshops are intended to reawaken your own divine nature, reconnect to your sensual experience of your world through the five basic senses and more subtle energy senses, and grow into living your personal expression of unconditional love.  

            Several workshops will be led by the Love Temple’s founder Lucia Gabriela who is a Love Coach, Love Healer, Love Alchemist and Teacher of Sacred Sexuality. The “Reawakening Sensuality” series, led by Lucia Gabriela, features different workshops, some designed for individuals and some for couples. All workshops will facilitate a deeper connection between you and your divine, eternal nature.  The workshops for couples will also rejuvenate and restore the romantic, sensual and sacred sexual energy between you and your partner―creating a more harmonious and healthy relationship.

            In addition, the Love Temple will be hosting nationally recognized love and sacred sexuality teachers who will offer their own workshops, as they travel the country teaching and facilitating groups. On December 7, 8 and 9, Peter Peterson and Monique Darling will be here sharing their teachings. Peterson and Lucia Gabriela will co-teach “Awaken Your Body and Soul through Movement, Nutrition and Touch.” Darling will teach “Introduction to Energetic Sex: Learning to Play in the Energetic Field of Infinite Possibilities.”  Peterson and Darling will also co-lead another successful “Official Cuddle Party.”


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