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Find the Mastery behind the Season’s Magic

Dec 11, 2015 03:43PM ● By Reverend Elizabeth Thompson, Unity of Sarasota Senior Minister

On December 8, 7 p.m., in Unity of Sarasota’s Fellowship Hall at Unity of Sarasota, come learn about “The Magic of Least Effort: the Principle behind Christmas Spirit.”  Throughout the history of humankind, people have believed that one must struggle, strive and work like a slave in order to attain one’s dreams. That belief, however, is false. 

            Allow me to amend this concept. Simply put, the magic of this season is the miracle of spiritual rebirth.  The governing principle is “right effort equals right result.” The wise one, who sees with spiritual eyes, knows truth with divine mind and loves as the divine heart, recognizes that too much striving pushes away the good that is desired. 

            The right viewpoint is an essential tool for spiritual vision. If you can envision your desired experience, then it already exists in creation. But how, is this accomplished?  Creation is complete. It is the realm of ideas, energy and intention. Our role is to bring these three into alignment and make them one through the “Law of Least Effort.”  To do this, we must look upon them with great love.

            Throughout the millennia, humanity has sought guidance from without—studying the stars, going to this teacher or that guru, and always pursuing the desired end through a false avenue. The true master teacher or guru, however, willingly reminds the seeker that every fulfillment sought is already fully present within. They reveal the “way within.”  They point to the “truth within.”  

            Equally true is their spiritual power is an awesome contagion that assists everyone in their quest to reclaim spiritual authority. The magic of the Christmas season is that we each become our own midwives to our own spiritual rebirths. We have already conceived the light of truth, space of grace and peace of divine love. Now, we must birth them into full expression in this present season of life through our hearts and minds. 

            Unlike the human birth experience, where the mother goes into labor, a spiritual birth is accomplished labor-free. In fact, with our spiritual birth, less is more. Right effort is required with due diligence. This means that we look up our desire with soft eyes, soft heart, open mind, willing spirit and complete rest.  Repeat, as the soul requires.  

            In this “magical” practice, the mystery is removed.  Fulfillment is complete, and our role is to realize this and assume our claim in this moment. We no longer need to gorge, hoard or purge. Your fulfillment is already at hand.  Look upon it, accept it into your heart, and allow it to manifest your image and likeness. This is the magic of creation made manifest here and now. The longing we have in our hearts and the image of an ever-abiding truth in our consciousness is to be spiritually discerned and materially fulfilled.  (A word to the wise: include in your desire, “This or something even better.”)

            The messenger of spiritual truth declared to those keeping watch at night, “Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy.”  The truth of your spiritual power is a tiding of great joy! Keep watch over your thoughts and see how they reflect a great reality born within you. Like Mary, ponder these tidings in your heart. The magic of this spiritual rebirth is upon you throughout the Christmas season.  

            At Unity of Sarasota, together, we will explore this intriguing venue with other like-minded souls. All are welcome to attend as we experience the joy of being positively aware!


Unity of Sarasota is located at 3023 Proctor Rd., Sarasota. For more information on our upcoming events and activities, call 941-955-3301 or visit


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