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Dec 30, 2015 09:45PM

Chinese Health Gem of the Month: Bone Broth for Enhancing Vitality & Immunity 

By Rene Ng, DOM, AP, L.Ac. 

Bone-based soups are a common dish seen at dinner tables in most households thtoughout China. Soup and daily nutrition have been used along with herbs as the primary source for maintaining wellness and addressing health issues for thousands of years. The majority of all soups used to tonify the body contain some form of bones as the base ingredient.  

In Chinese medicine, the kidney system is key to healthy development, as well as maintaining skeletal strength. The Chinese believed that animals with strong, tough bones contained the nutritional substances that allowed them to maintain tough bone density as well. So, when these bones are cooked in soup, the nourishing substances permeate the broth, and whoever drinks the soup will benefit from this absorption.  

As a result, the skeletal and kidney systems will strengthen which boosts the circulatory low and improves improved immune health. Below, is a recipe for a bone-based soup that will boost the immune system and increase one’s overall vitality: 



  • Oxtail 

  • Carrots 

  • Cabbage 

  • Onions 

  • Scallions 

  • Celery 

  • Broccoli Flower 

  • Raw Ginger Slices 



  1. Combine all ingredients into a soup pot, add water, and cook for about an hour-and-a-half to two hours.  

  1. Add optional salt and a dash of red cooking wine, if necessary, to enhance the flavor. 


You may wonder why there is no quantity indicated for any of these ingredients. The reason is that you add, as needed, per your own desired taste. This is typically how soups (and foods in general) are cooked in China. Enjoy, and “bone” appetite!  


Rene Ng, DOM, AP, L.Ac, is a board-certified, licensed Acupuncture Physician and Chinese Herbalist. In 2014, he was voted Sarasota’s “Favorite Acupuncture Physician” for a second year in a row and was also the area’s “Favorite Anti-Aging Practitioner.” For more information, call 941-773-5156 or email[email protected] 

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