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Consciousness Toxins and Traumas

Dec 30, 2015 09:45PM

Consciousness, Toxins & Traumas: the Roadblocks to New Year’s Resolutions                               

by Dr. Paula Koger RN, MA, OMD 


I recently had a spectacular experience. Of course, as with all spectacular experiences, the challenge lies in adequately communicating its spectacular-ness. However, I will rise to the challenge of telling you how I achieved personal freedom from the fear, grief and anger programmed into me from a young age. Beneath these issues, I uncovered my hidden, gifts, jewels and genius—attributes that exist within every individual.  

Most people only access 5-10 % of their inner capacity. So, knowing this, I pinpointed all the negative aspects of myself and symptoms of those traits that needed improvement. Then, after finding these issues, I cleared out the traumas and generational patterns which caused them.  

As a practitioner of the healing arts, who has traveled through several countries and healthcare professions looking for solutions to mankind’s suffering and disease, I have long recognized the impact of these toxins and issues on the body’s ability to function optimally. I have utilized numerous advanced skills, techniques, devices and scans to locate and eradicate suffering and disease. I have travelled globally and studied with world-class doctors at the top of their field. I have sought to relieve the various stressors plaguing mankind that stem from generations of stored patterns, toxins, traumas and pain.  

After 45 years of being a nurse, professor, counselor, Oriental Medical Doctor, while searching for solutions and miracle cures, I now understand the truth behind these negative symptoms. It is the “stuff” buried within us that prevents us from manifesting our health, joy and love. This stuff lives inside our 95% unconscious, as revealed by Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research. Therefore, because it is subconscious, we remain unaware of its existence 

People are constantly telling me,I have no issues.” Then, few minutes later, those “issues” are identified and joyfully released. This unknown data can inhibit us from reaching our potential. Those behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, patterns and programs we have acquired from generational patterns, traumatic unexpected events, and responses of our family and peers often disempower us from fully living.  

In response, the most effective course of action we can take is to identify and let go of these negative or limiting programs. If we free our energy from the burden of blocks, toxins, heavy metals and chemicals, we will climb up scale of consciousness and health. I utilize four types of medical software, biofeedback scans and contact reflex analyses to help people find and release these issues. When they are no longer pervading one’s subconscious, the body can heal, allowing new relationships, jobs and pleasures to enter. 

Within each of us, lies the potential for fulfillment of our dreams, joy, health and prosperity. Honestly, how do you know if unresolved blocks are currently hiding in your system? You can evaluate the area that is not functioning up-to-par and determine that it might be caused by an unresolved pattern.  

As a friend, family member, therapist, nurse and doctor, I have listened to many people express these concerns, intending to help them find relief. However, I have also realized that resolution cannot be achieved by simply discussing the symptoms over and over. Repetition without proactivity keeps us in those same restrictive pathways 

They must be changed and reprogramed with new frequencies in order for change to occur. Moreover, healing can only take place to the degree that people have released the energy patterns and data stored in these pathways, memories and cells of the body. Then, the light of consciousness has a clear path to enter and express itself in the fullness of our being. 

 Healing the unconscious 95%, which is responsible for the issues we’ve been attracting, is often neglected and misunderstood. We have been trained not to feel or give positive input. This is partly because we’re unsure how to deal with all this “stuff.”  

My nursing career included a position as an OB Nurse. When babies were born, I would tell them, “We are glad you are here. You are welcome, you are perfect, and you will do great things.” I would give them positive programs. Back in the seventies, you can imagine how the hospital staff interpreted this approach. Healthcare professionals were generally not supposed to step outside the arbitrary “box” of how we treat patients. I have never let it stop me, though—not then, and not now either. 

The disheartening part of this equation is people thinking they have a choice in life, yet not being able to act on their own agency. The choices we make are based on the data programmed by our life experiences, parents, teachers, peers and associates. By deleting that data and installing new programs, we truly have the freedom to choose. This has now become increasingly more accessible through computer, sound and light technology. It is thrilling to partake of these innovative processes that help us open to ourselves. 

Miracles are usually dismissed as “too far out to believe.” But, what I’m talking about is the miracle of taking full responsibility for addressing the issues in the tissues, then setting your energy free to flow in its own natural way. Allowing yourself become who you were meant to be is a miracle you can personally achieve. You exist in a field of electrical energy, and your job is to keep it amped up and flowing freely. If you deny this factas stated by Einstein, “everything is energy”—you might miss knowing what you can accomplish in life. 


The spectacular thing I have discovered is what lives inside you. My clinical experience shows our resistance to becoming our best selves is blocked by our attachment to detrimental yet familiar patterns. To learn more about how you can release these patterns and realize your potential, visit 

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