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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Dec 31, 2015 02:04AM

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Combining Fitness with Strength, Grace and Beauty  

by Rossy Mihaylova 


Rhythmic Gymnastics made its Olympic debut in 1984 and immediately sparked the interest of the American public. The delicately flowing movements of the rhythmic gymnast, performed with her apparatusa hoop, ball, rope, club or satin ribbon—were well-received Los Angeles Olympic Games.  

Spectators and participants alike soon recognized the sports potential. Young girls and women can begin the sport at almost any age, either to participate for fitness and leisure or to progress into the competitive sphere. Rhythmic Gymnastics is safe, pleasurable, and can be taught in small or large groups.  

The most striking aspect of a Rhythmic gymnast is the sublime grace she projects while on the floor. The delicacy with which she handles her apparatus is visually stunning. However, outward characteristics like beauty, form-line and amplitude are meaningless without the performer’s inner sparkthe individual drama she adds to the routine. Learning to express oneself is a central component of Rhythmic Gymnastics which likens this sport to the art of ballet. An artist with eyes to see, ears to listen and a soul to feel is highly regarded among Rhythmic gymnasts. 

The sport’s feminine beauty can be embraced by any mother and father who watches their daughter flourish into a strong and beautiful human through exploring her self-expression on the floor. In the Greater Sarasota-Bradenton area, Euro Rhythmic Gymnastics offers the only local venue for parents to enroll their daughters of any age in Rhythmic Gymnastics classes.  

Our core mission is to develop “stronger, graceful and beautiful” young women throughout the community. Moreover, we are excited to expand the area of both athletics and entertainment across the Suncoast. We offer classes specialized for ages three and four, ages five and six, and ages seven and up. In addition, we also have groups for former dancers and gymnasts who desire to take their skill sets to another level or continue their Rhythmic Gymnastics practice.  

Adults are also invited to try this sport through our groups designed for women who have become bored with traditional fitness programs and want to experience a new form of physical activity. Our enjoyable classes promote creativity, artistry, strength, flexibility, discipline and other advantageous qualities.  

The pioneer responsible for bringing the diversity of Rhythmic gymnastics to this area is Rossy Mihaylova, former member of the Bulgarian Artistic Gymnastics Olympic team and Rhythmic Gymnastics collegiate champion for Rhythmic gymnastics. She originally comes from one of two countries that established modern Rhythmic Gymnastics, along with Russia. Her her expertise stems from several decades of coaching Gymnastics including 10 years in the United States. 


Euro Rhythmic Gymnastics holds its classes at Longwood Run Community Park, University Parkway, Sarasota. For more information, call 941-212-9166 or visit 

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