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Detox for a Healthy New Year at Fusion Therapy

Dec 31, 2015 01:08AM

Detox for a Healthy New Year at Fusion Therapy 

As we enter 2016, we release the old and embrace the new. In order to embrace a healthier and more vital version of yourself, Fusion Therapy welcomes you to experience our detoxification protocols including our full-spectrum infrared sauna. January is the ideal month for detoxification, and Fusion Therapy is currently offering a special, customized Detoxification and Immune Strengthening Regimen. 

Unlike most infrared saunas, our sauna offers the latest heating technology, incorporating near- and mid-wavelengths with far-infrared therapy. Because infrared heat penetrates human tissue versus simply heating the surface of the skin, infrared saunas are seven times more effective than traditional saunas at detoxifying the body. A traditional sauna produces sweat composed of only 3% toxins, while our sauna produces sweat composed of 20% toxins. Safe and clinically proven, infrared heat can be an amazing addition to your health care regimen.   

At Fusion Therapy, your infrared sauna treatment will be customized to your needs, providing the optimal blend of infrared wavelengths to achieve your desired results. Near-infrared therapy aids in pain relief, muscle recovery, skin clarity, wound healing and arthritis. Mid-infrared stimulates blood flow, mimics a passive cardiovascular workout, burns fat, and promotes weight loss.  Far-infrared lowers blood pressure, deepens core sweat, and helps the whole body detoxify and alkalize.  


Location: 7069 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 941-921-7900 or visit  


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