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Friendship and Consciousness

Jan 31, 2016 10:26PM

by Dr. Paula Koger, BSN, MA, DOM, AP 


Knowing that everything happens for a reason, I get to look at friendship and what it means to me. One of the first things that pops up is my enjoyment of random acts of kindness with no attachments. 

I was standing in Walmart, and a young man who was working hard going in and out in the rain saw me standing near the entrance with a cart. He said in a most kind manner, particularly for a young man, “May I help you?” I was waiting for my husband who had dropped me off at the door due to the rain—an act of kindness. It warms my heart to think of these random gestures of friendship. I think there is a tendency to think of friendship only as the people who are regular longer term connections who listen to our rants, give us gifts and even suffer along with us. 

I like the idea of friendship being about maintaining and communicating joy, love and laughter. These attributes foster connections with people, and oftentimes, these connections are with people I have never seen before and may never see again. I ask myself, “Why did just seeing that person attract me to their vibe, and why did it feel right for me? The answer is they are reflecting my vibe. That is the way of it. So, if our friends are needy, dependent or anxious, it is a reflection of something about us that needs to be addressed. These issues usually rob our energy, keep us down and let us know there is something in us to handle. 

I have learned that everything happens for a reason—that is a good gift for us to learn from. So, when circumstances don’t go “well, I take that as an act of friendship too. I get to learn something. I suppose what allows me to learn from each situation that does not feel kind and loving is viewing it as an opportunity to learn something about myself—a gift. I understand we have to be the friend we want to attract. So, what does that mean? 

It means we are in a field of energy, as stated by Dr. Bruce Lipton, that holds the accumulated experiences of our past generations and lifetimes. Whatever is there, other than love, acceptance, peace and joy is what shows up in our relationships. Those issues that hit us hardest may be our best opportunities to identify and clear what is holding us at that lower vibe. Usually, whatever is showing up, will show up again and again until it is cleared or released. We know it is cleared because we don’t get hit there again, and we become stronger. Our usual strategy is to bury it deeper with comfort food and other such addictions, avoidances and diseases. We get used to them, and they become our personal property. We become addicted to the pains and miseries—they pay well in most cases. 

The main roadblock that stops our progress, as one woman told me when I was talking to her about the work I do identifying and releasing these issues, “The idea of feeling this stuff is very frightening.” I said, “Yes, I understand, and I know that I have to hold your hand and lead you gently through learning to do this work.I learned this as a nurse of 25 years when I discovered it was the only way I could help people. The other choice I told her, and she already knew it, is to bury or drug it and suffer from the results of this burial. Cancer and all diseases may result from buried traumas and patterns of stress. Yes, I am trying to scare you into action. 

Now, let’s get back to the friendship as sharing a good vibe, as well as how to identify and release what prevents your “Happy Vibe from coming through to heal you and others. The key I like to use is to look at the scale of consciousness of David Hawkins and understand that most of the world is functioning at the low end of the scale 200 or below. This includes anger, revenge, hatred, jealousy, rage, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, fear, grief, depression, despair and powerlessness.  

The acts of terror in the world are coming from unreleased accumulated issues, traumas and patterns. The loving kindness comes from doing the work of finding love in by letting go of what is in the way. Different methods work for different people, as we are each unique. I use several advanced technologies to help identify and teach connection to your inner heart and wisdom. These techniques will help guide you to discovery of the blissful potential of you. You can resolve anything with the restoration of your inner balance, harmony and love.  

So, you can run and hide from yourself and the recovery of your greatness. But, my question remains: “Why would you?” 


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