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Want to Claim Your Good by Simply Being Willing?

Feb 25, 2016 09:48PM

by Reverend Elizabeth Thompson, Senior Minister, Unity of Sarasota 


Enslavement is often a vehicle of the soul’s emancipation. In the midst of those difficulties and grave challenges we face, the call to come up higher is sounded. Once we dare to do so, we are gifted with the vision of perceiving possibilities of goodness at hand. The mystics have long taught that conversation with the Divine leads us into knowledge of self and wisdom to apply this knowledge with compassion. 

Affirmative prayer is our capacity to lay claim to the good we desire which opens our spiritual eyes to see blessings revealed in every moment. All that is required is willingness to connect, claim and partner with our sacred self. 

St. Patrick, a fifth-century Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland, discovered such a partnership in the midst of great hardship. In his words, he “found God” during a six-year enslavement as a herdsman in Gaelic Ireland. This discovery and devotion to a divine connection led to the conversion of many Irish to Christianity.  

While he was freed to return home to Britain, in a dream, St. Patrick heard the voice of the Irish, inviting him to walk among them. This compelling guidance led him back to the land of his captivity as a free agent. Similarly, once we are free to follow our own sacred heart, we often return to the place of confinement with a great willingness to love and serve. That same willing and joyful zeal made St. Patrick’s simple message all the more compelling. 

Regardless of whether you and I follow the creed of St Patrick’s faith, we can agree that he followed these principles with such devotion that his soul was emancipated and his mind was awakened to the living spirit of love and truth which inspired many people’s conversion to his simple faith—a faith that understood all of we are all considered “people of God.” This profound label serves all of humanity, regardless of the spiritual path taken. It is a universal salutation, honoring the great diversity of humankind. 

Our role is to awaken this simple devotion which explores the realm of great possibilities, available through universal goodness. Our simple devotion to the highest truth we can engage in at any moment naturally opens our intuitive heart. This possesses what seems to be a magical power of attraction that opens doorways of healing, harmony and opportunity. Please do not take anyone else’s word for this. Devotion to goodness is the doorway to our infinite greatness and a deeply satisfying life experience. 

We too have the opportunity to awaken our innate divinity and hear the voice of God within us. How do you recognize this voice of the Divine? Where is the courage to follow this guidance?  What makes our individual awakening so compelling that we become willing to be mirrors of truth with the tender touch of kindness? 

In a world of radical distraction and tweets, sacred space where the quiet mind and the still heart only seems to be a rare thing. Yet, when you and I take the time and effort to peer into the quiet and welcome our willing hearts, we can find the Living God of our own understanding. We all abide in sacred space, which is a realm where all goodness is possible.    


“As to me, I know of nothing else but miracles.”   

              Walt Whitman 


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