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Chinese Health Gem of the Month: Improving Your Memory

Feb 25, 2016 09:48PM

by Rene Ng (DOM, AP, L.Ac.)  


In Chinese Medicine, the circulation system plays a significant part in determining how strong your memory is. As we age, so does our circulation, and blood flow to the brain starts to slow down as well. This is also why our memories tend to gradually lose their sharpness 

However, a deep scalp massage done frequently and consistently will go a long way towards improving the memory. Light, simple strokes over the top of the head will help promote blood flow to the head and into the brain. In addition to memory, this can also benefit those with balance issues and even problems with thinning hair and balding.  




Rene Ng, DOM, AP, L.Ac, is a board-certified, licensed Acupuncture Physician and Chinese Herbalist in Sarasota. In 2014, he was voted Sarasota’s “Favorite Acupuncture Physician” for a second year in a row and was also the area’s “Favorite Anti-Aging Practitioner.” For more information, call 941-773-5156 or email [email protected] 


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