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Terrence Grywinski Specializes in Advanced CranioSacral Whole Body Therapy

Feb 25, 2016 09:48PM

by Tomara Kafka 


Terrence “Terry” Grywinski, B.A., B.Ed., MA6049, has been changing lives through CranioSacral therapy for over 20 years in Sarasota. While he began as a massage therapist in 1987, when Grywinski began specializing in CranioSacral therapy, he says, “I realized that I could help my clients much more effectively.” 

CranioSacral therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, whole-body technique that frees people from their prisons of pain and restriction. Treatment consists of gentle holding techniques that engage the body’s natural ability to release restricted connective tissue musclefascia. Pain dissipates, and range of motion increases as tissue relaxes and releases. Reducing this drag on the cranial-spinal system results in greater energy flow and stronger, healthier muscles with increased physiological functioning. 

Most clients experience measurable improvement during the first treatment. Depending on severity, the symptoms and underlying problems are often relieved in four to eight sessions during treatments that typically last 90 minutes. 

Through CranioSacral therapy, Grywinski explains, “I am able to assess the cause of problems more accurately. I’ve found the benefits to my clients are more immediate, longer-lasting and, at times, nearly miraculous. This advanced therapy relieves symptoms, while accessing the source of the problem.” 

Grywinski began specializing in CranioSacral Therapy in 1994, following his training at Florida’s famous Upledger Institute. He noticed that, by using this form of therapy, his clients often experienced spontaneous and remarkable improvements 

Many clients who seek out Grywinsky have already visited numerous doctors, chiropractors, and physical or massage therapists with little or no results.   

For example, Grywinski elaborates, “I worked with one client who suffered a concussion 20 years ago and could find no relief from her symptoms. My client told me that, in six CranioSacral therapy sessions, all her symptoms were relieved.” 

That client wrote, “I have experienced a quick transformation since starting work with Terry from the effects of concussion and head injury trauma—including exhaustion, over-worked muscles a compromised central nervous system—to much more ease and comfort. I notice there isn't an area of my life where I’m not feeling more relief. My first appointment with him was a birthday gift from a friend, and I haven't stopped suggesting him to everyone I meet ever since.” 

In addition to more than 30 years of specialized training and extensive bodywork experience, Grywinski has a wide knowledge of alternative health, nutrition and other aspects of healthy holistic living.  

Grywinski continues to focus on expanding his healing abilities to release pain, muscular tissue restriction and the emotional trauma often associated with injuries. In many cases, his work stimulates the immune system, while promoting normal, natural and efficient organ functions, especially in the spleen, stomach, intestines, brain, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and bladder. 

Another client, Michael Reilly, who suffered from several physical injuries including a 20-foot fall and a car accident when he was hit by a drunk driver, found Grywinski through word-of-mouth referral.  

“Not only have I seen miraculous results in my range of motion, which was immeasurably restricted, but this treatment has decreased my intense pain and added a tremendous increase in energy. From working with Terry, I am now able to continue pursuing my career, says Reilly. “I also appreciate that Terry explains in great detail every technique he does while I am on the table. The results from the CranioSacral therapy were immediate, and I will continue to see Terry on an as-needed basis from now on.” 

Through CranioSacral therapy, Grywinski works with the body at a much deeper level than many other therapies can. Whereas some therapies treat only symptoms, CranioSacral therapy rapidly relieves symptoms, while naturally accessing the source of the problem. 

According to one Sarasota mother, “My 15-year-old daughter was suffering from nearly constant dizziness and frequent headaches. After seeing Terry twice, the dizziness and headaches were gone, and she can't believe how good she finally feels. Her body was jammed and locked up, but now she feels free. She liked Terry immediately. He is a compassionate healer who gave her immense relief. Anyone experiencing pain, headaches or migraines should see him.”  

Many healthcare professionals recognize the body’s connective tissue holds a person's physical and emotional history. These experiences form patterns of tension often appear as pain in the neck, shoulder, back or a specific location where an injury has occurred. Sometimes CranioSacral therapy can bring subconscious memories of accidents or emotional traumas to the surface. Through non-invasive techniques, these ingrained emotions can be resolved and released from the body, thus freeing it to reach emotional and physical balance and well-being. 

I do CranioSacral Therapy because the results are immediate,” concludes Grywinski. “Clients experience relief and feel better after each session, including the first one. A lot happens during a single sessionm and each session builds on the previous one by continuing to reduce pain, increase range of motion, flexibility, mobility and energy levels.” 


Advanced CranioSacral Therapy is located at 1188 N Tamiami Trail, Suite 205-D, Sarasota. To schedule a free 30-minute new client evaluation and treatment, call 941-755-3437. For more information, visit  


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