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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Four Pillars Presents “Mind Over Medicine” Workshop & Book Discussion Series

Feb 25, 2016 09:47PM

We’ve been led to believe that, when we get sick, the culprit is just genetics or bad luck, and doctors hold the keys to restoring our health. For several years, Lissa Rankin, MD, believed the same until her health began to suffer, and she decided to look closer at the root cause.   

Rankin subsequently discovered that a crucial component was missing from Western Medicine—recognition of the body’s ability to self-repair and an appreciation of how to control these self-healing mechanisms within our minds. She came across peer-reviewed medical literature, spanning over 50 years, which proved the body can heal itself.  Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can alter the body’s physiology.   

Based on these revelations, Rankin offers a six-step program that helps people determine where they might experience imbalance and learn how to listen to their bodies before health issues manifest. This program outlines scientific data, proving that loneliness, pessimism, depression, fear and anxiety damage the body while intimate relationships, gratitude, meditation, sex and authentic self-expression stimulate self-healing processes.   

Join Four Pillars for a discussion of her key points and learn to take charge of your personal health. This series will take place on March 3, 7–9 p.m., March 5, 3–5 p.m., and March 14, 10 a.m. to noon. Light refreshments will be served. 


Location: 8209 Natures Way, Suite 221, Lakewood Ranch. Cost: $15. For more information and to register, call 941-373-3955 or visit 







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