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How Ozone Water Purification Benefits Your Health

Feb 25, 2016 09:47PM

Filtered Reverse Osmosis wastes three gallons of water to yield just one gallon, only runs in the kitchen sink, strips water of vital nutrients, offers no sanitation benefits, and requires annual filter replacements.
Ozone Purification, however, is always available, runs in every faucet, maintains water’s vital nutrients, is 150-times stronger than chlorine, and never require filters to be replaced.                                            
As you can see, the benefits of using Ozone Water Purification far outweigh Filtered Reverse Osmosis Systems (ROS). If you have an ROS, you will likely have to use it in conjunction with another costly unit, while still risking your health.
Your body naturally relies on important minerals in drinking water, and when ozone is used, these minerals remain. A high quality, whole-house water filter will remove the worst contaminants from your source water (tap or well) without removing the naturally occurring minerals which are critical for optimal health.
The type of water filter you choose—such as whole house, counter top, under sink or pitcher—will also determine how effective your water is filtered. More than five billion gallons are sanitized daily with ozone in most major cities, as is the majority of bottled water you purchase.
Sparky Healthy Water offers a patented stainless steel bubbler system that can sanitize your home’s entire water system with no filters to replace, and a minimum back flush of three minutes per week. This water can also be used on your lawn and plants rather than a harmful brine line. No chemicals or salts are used, so Sparky leaves you with clean, drinkable water in every faucet.    

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