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Good News Pest Solutions Goes “Green” for a Higher Purpose

Mar 31, 2016 07:29PM

by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer 


Since its initial opening almost 30 years ago, Good News Pest Solutions has become recognized throughout Southwest Florida as a champion of customer satisfaction, environmental consciousness and moral integrity. Most recently, these basic tenets earned the company a “2016 Reader’s Choice for Best Pest Control Service Award” and “2015 Silver Honoree Salute to Business Award” from the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce. However, this track-record of delivering quality service, while safeguarding natural resources, goes beyond professional accolades.  

For owner Dean Burnside and the entire Good News Pest Solutions team, their business philosophy is based on spiritual convictions—not profit margins. “Our company motto is to ‘share God’s Good News, while solving pest control problems with green solutions. We believe that God created humans in His own image, then made this planet and all its creatures for us to take care of. Good News considers our success a blessing from God for obeying His mandate to be responsible stewards of our planet and its inhabitants,” explains Burnside.   

This divine appointment came to fruition about 10 years ago when the nationwide debate on hazardous chemicals and greenhouse gas emissions had started gaining momentum. Subsequently, the pest control sector became entangled in these sociopolitical crosshairs, and Good News Pest Solutions was no exception.  

Burnside clarifies, “In 2006, we faced a significant challenge, followed by an epiphany. There was pending legislation in several areas of the country to ban all pesticide usage which would radically change our business, or—even worse—put us out of business. We felt a strong urgency to lead the way in formulating an alternative business model that would be sustainable, even if a chemical-free mandate was issued. Through prayer and brainstorming sessions, we received an epiphany to ‘go green’ and go all in—for a higher purpose. 

“We then began testing every available Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered product to determine if we could create an effective service model to control or prevent insects in living spaces, using only reduced-risk, minimum-risk or pesticide-exempt products. Here’s the ‘good news’—we could, and we did!” 

Just one decade later, this company has established itself throughout Florida as the industry’s preeminent authority on ecological standards, even joining forces with Sarasota’s Green Business Partnership to spread these initiatives around the local community. “Gulf Coast residents appreciate that we provide excellent customer service, while sustaining our sensitive environment. By using reduced-risk and eco-friendly products, we believe this fulfills God’s calling to protect our planet and help others achieve a better quality of life,” elaborates Burnside.  

From implementing energy efficient utilities and water conservation methods in the office to minimizing the potential for carbon footprints on-the-job, Good News Pest Solutions takes its higher calling seriously. As a result, this eco-friendly approach has positively impacted customers who otherwise couldn’t experience pest control benefits due to various lifestyle restrictions.  

 “In the past, those with chemical sensitivities, allergies, respiratory issues or odor aversions were given few options besides just dealing with their insect problems. Throughout this sub-tropical climate, bugs are a reality—not an illusion. However, by offering an ‘All Green’ service three times each year, several customers who would never allow pesticides around their property—despite having bug infestations—can now enjoy pest-free living without any harsh reactions or side-effects. We are truly ‘on mission” when that happens, adds Burnside 

Moreover, this sincere investment and dedication to the entire Suncoast community manifests itself through personal connections, instead of just professional courtesies. Don’t be fooled by the insect exterminating arsenal—Good News Pest Solutions cares more about people than anthills or termite mounds. Burnside concludes, “Occasionally, a customer will share health complications or family issues with us. We train our team to ask those individuals, whenever appropriate, if we can add them to our prayer list.  

Every Thursday, our Corporate Chaplain joins us for a staff prayer meeting, at which time these needs are expressed. Most customers welcome this offer to pray for their concerns, and it’s especially rewarding whenever we hear about positive outcomes during future conversations. We are not aware of another pest control company that combines environmental consciousness with enough passion for our customers to actually pray for their needs.”  


Good News Pest Solutions is located at 1080 Enterprise Court, Suite A, North Venice. For more information, call 941-584-8687 or visit 


Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer is the Managing Editor of Natural Awakenings Sarasota-Manatee. She also works as a freelance writer, blogger and social media marketer, based in Southwest Florida. Her personal blog,, features practical tips for embracing a fit, nutritious and empowered lifestyle.  




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