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Q&A with Dr. Jaime Gonzalez and Susan Blake Gonzalez

Mar 31, 2016 07:28PM

from Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives, Inc. 


What is the importance of energy medicine? 

Dr. Gonzalez: A Shaman’s journey is a spiritual path that places all of us face-to-face with the energy of all beings that surround us. We all have felt it for some time—an energetic, growing consciousness that has been developing worldwide and is now in front of us. For centuries, the masculine way of thinking and acting toward the world around us has led to what we see and experience now. It is time for the feminine side of nature to take over. It is time for healing—what is the worst that could happen?Things might get better! 

Susan Gonzalez: Women are intuitively connected to the earth and the consciousness of nurturing and healing. We are all made up of energy. Everything in the universe—whether living or non-living—has an electromagnetic field of measurable energy. From rocks to plants to animals and our planet, all have an energy field. In Shamanism, it’s called a luminous energy body. Energy Medicine works within that field to balance, clear, remove blockages and restore harmony to the body. Energy flows through and around the body. Our physical bodies need this energy for balance to remain vital and healthy. Disharmony creates illnessfirst energetically then physically. 


What is spiritual exhaustion and spiritual evolution? 

Dr. Gonzalez: The sense of helplessness—being stuck or unable to elicit a change in ourselves to help others—is what healers in every part of the world and throughout time have recognized as spiritual exhaustion. As an example, like with many professions, there is a crisis in the human and animal medicine industry. 

Veterinarians, as a whole, are rated among the top professions for suicide prevalence. There are many reasons for this situation. The compassion, exhaustion, financial need to see patients every 15–20 minutes, and the incredible tax burden imposed on small businesses exacerbate this problem. All these components make for long hours at the office and eventual burn-out, along with the consequential cynicism that results. 

As animal guardians, take the time to meditate, to walk your animal companion, renew your spiritual energy and ground yourself. This promotes spiritual evolution and helps us to become unstuck. We see it time and time again—how the spiritual imbalance of a person affects the energetic balance of their animal companions. We have to be aware. They will show us, with their manifested diseases and anxiety mirroring our own daily stress and neurosis. 

Susan Gonzalez: As humans, we evolved to learn from plants and animals, as we listened to the earth. That is part of our DNA—our ancestral heritage. To cultivate a quiet mind and become aware of what is going on around us can help guide our behavior if we re-learn how to listen to the spirit that resides in all things. Self-care is essential during this time on the planet. We women especiallyneed to stay grounded and centered to care for ourselves and others which includes our animal companions. In order for us to evolve into more conscious beings, we are being asked to listen to the spirit.  


Are we and our animal companions affected by the energy around us? 

Dr. Gonzalez: Yes, there are many published articles about the truth of radiation and its effects. All around us, every day, it affects our physical selves and animals as well. From smart meters, cell phones, computers, internet routers and other devices, radiation inundates our world. 

Now, we all know about this physical energy, but what about the spiritual energy? As we journey throughout our lives, there comes a realization that our bodies are just shells—carriers for the spirit. We realize the need to nurture this energy and that our environment—with its plants and animals—help us in this nurturing circle. So, the time comes to give back. “The times, they are a changing,” says the song, and we see that all around us. Cultural, political, financial and environmental upheaval is happening rapidly and affecting all of us. 

 Susan Gonzalez: Energy balance and food as medicine work hand-in-hand to nourish the energetic and physical body systems for optimal functioning. Organic, fresh food and clean water, without pesticides or GMOs, are nourishing for us and our animal companions. Environmental toxins, pollution and electromagnetic radiation tax our bodies and put strain on our natural detoxification pathways. We are always cleansing through the liver and other organs like the skin which helps support our immune systems. Supporting the immune system is a major benefit of energy medicine. 


What are some of the modalities of energy medicine? 

Susan Gonzalez: They range from ancient techniques like acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to new technologies like the cold laser which is helpful for arthritis, skin conditions, allergies and other inflammatory conditions. Any logical-minded person can look online and see what’s new about vaccine titers or other topics. In holistic medicine, there is so much to choose from for treating chronic illness and disease and maintaining wellness. It also helps to have years of practical hands-on experience.  

Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) and Reiki, acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, flower essences and essential oils are treatments that support the immune system and allow the body to heal itself. These methods have been used for 10,000 years by indigenous people, and are now being discovered again and modernized for our current world. Plant spirit medicine like herbs, essential oils and flower essences should be used under the guidance of a veterinarian. Plants are powerful medicine that, upon first glance, might seem innocuous because they are plantsespecially when given with other medications. 


Where are we going next? 

Dr. Gonzalez: With the advent of one world connectivity, we are able to see in an instant what is happening in even the most remote areas in our world. Past priorities are being questioned. Lifestyles and ways of thinking are being challenged with the harsh reality of the world around us. We, as a generation, may witness the extinction of many wild animal species in our lifetime. The erosion of human and animal rights, as well as our earth home—all in the quest for monetary gain—is a real crisis. It is time to take responsibility and act in any way we can. This interconnected consciousness permeates all living organisms, and this energy flows through everything. As our world is affected, so are we. 

Susan Gonzalez: How can we, as individuals, help to ease this transition into a new perspective—perhaps a more integrated way of being in the world? We are empowered to work with the non-ordinary realms, our spirit guides and power animals. We can mediate and send love and healing to the animals, people and earth with compassion, rather than fear. Love is the most powerful healing energy that exists.  


Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives, Inc., is located at 7509 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 941-312-682, email [email protected] or visit 


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