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The Sustainability of Love

Mar 31, 2016 07:29PM

by Dr. Paula Koger, B.S.N., M.A., D.O.M. 


I have learned several lessons about life, especially the following truths: 

  • Nothing last forever.  

  • People come and go. 

  • Life goes on. 

  • Keep your needs simple. 

  • Let go and let God. 

  • Forgive and forget. 

  • Love heals all. 

  • Adapt to change. 

  • Faith moves mountains. 

  • God is love. 

These principles are, as I see them, related to sustainability. I have personally experienced that love does, in fact, heal all. During my 45 years of clinical experience—most of it focused on body-mind-spirit integration and releasing all factors interfering with the ability to experience or express love—I have witnessed the act of loving does heal others as well. However, in order for love to impact us in this way, it must be accessed—open and flowing. 

The earth is a forgiving, embracing and adaptive force unimpeded by blame, fear and grief. Our planet functions in accordance with the flow of life. When faced with pollutants, it adapts like our bodies do. In the absence of adequate oxygen and other life supportive factors, it shuts down certain systems, grows less plant life, melts icebergs, or responds however this adaptation requires. Yet, still the earth survives. 

Our bodies also adapt to abuse. For example, when we eat more carbs than our body can process, we might gain weight and become less mobile. This resulting stagnation causes blocks in the organs and tissues, and we progressively transition from vibrancy to listlessness. When I was a nurse about 25 years ago, I could see patients receive improvement from enemas and IV’s. These treatments flushed out toxins, but without deeper attention to these toxins—and the patterns of consuming toxins—my patients gradually returned to their former rate of physical deterioration. 

While working and interacting with diverse people over the years, I have found one universal link that can motivate us all to treat ourselves and the world more responsibly. Most people seem to be inhibited by scars, traumas, fears and feelings of inadequacy. However, if they allow themselves to experience free-flowing love, all aspects of life will improve 

Love is healing energy, but in my experience, most people do not allow themselves to love completely. We are blocked by disapproval of ourselves which we have been conditioned to accept as normal. Sometimes, I see a baby crying in a store and, when possible, I say with a kind voice, “You are wonderful” or something to that effect. The baby instinctively becomes jolted by love and stops crying. Try it sometime. 

I devote ample time with patients, opening them up to the power of love and helping them receive, experience and that express love. After clearing her fears and resistance to love, a woman in her 60’s found a man for the first time. She excitedly told me there is a 95% level of compatibility between them.  

Embracing love is a gradual journey because, like the earth, our bodies accumulate toxins from the careless utilization of our resources. These toxins interfere with our abilities to produce energy, absorb oxygen and maintain life-force. 

A mother once contacted me late in the day, explaining that her young son had contracted the flu, and they would not be coming to their scheduled appointment the next morning. They had not attended their first appointment where I would begin addressing his autism and ADHD.  The treatment plan was to help him detox then undergo a music therapy called Auditory Integration Training which has brought thousands of children to a higher rate of integration and academic achievement in school. However, I not yet begun working with this child, and his mother was clearly desperate. So, I offered suggestions and said to her, “Sometime you have to listen to the voice of love within you, and let love direct.” 

When the body is overburdened, just like the earth, it becomes susceptible to the weakening of invasive organisms who are trying to survive in this compromised terrain. Therefore, the solution is up to you and me. If we make choices to love ourselves by ridding ourselves of toxic forces and welcoming love’s nurturing presence, we can experience healing. Are you ready to free your love and heal all? I suggest we start by loving the earth that loves and sustains us as well. Thank you, Earth. 


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