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Thyroid Restoration

May 01, 2016 02:02AM

by Dr. Paula Koger, BSN, MA, DOM 


What is a DOM?” you might ask. This abbreviation stands for “Doctor of Oriental Medicine,” a modality I have been practicing for 20 years. I am also a veteran nurse, nursing professor and counselor of 25 years. However, above all, I am a person seeking to help those who want to heal themselves. I combine elements of both Eastern and Western Medicine in order to pursue this objective. Learning is a progressive experience if you are dedicated—as I amto getting it right. I never settle for mediocre but keep striving for the most effective treatments available. What about you? 

I love working with thyroid issues, as they are indicative of numerous factors such as a build-up of toxins in the body. These conditions might also reflect issues within the other endocrine system partners. Thyroid health requires proper digestive regulation, as this organ will become overwhelmed when the other systems are not doing their own parts as well 

But, how can they do their parts when the body is taxed by abusive habits, traumas and toxins? I have gone to great lengths to locate and utilize the most effective tools for testing and treating all aspects of thyroid issues. As with any other organ, it must be detoxified to begin a rehabilitation process. With thyroid building materials, we can help its function return. 

 In life, we are accustomed to slow destructions and quick fixes. This cycle affects the rest of the endocrine system by not allowing its optimal function to be restored. In addition, our moods, energy, relaxation and sleep patterns can become adversely impacted as well.  

There is also a chakra component in this process which I learned from Dr. Blanis, founder of Psychosomatic Energetics. This modality addresses complications in the throat chakra or other centers that affect thyroid functions. Often, clearing this shock or trauma facilitates lymph drainage in the throat area, allowing the thyroid to function optimally again. When these blockages are cleared, we feel our power and creative self-expression return. We can express who we truly are even though we’ve been conditioned to be seen and not heard. 

Of course, the longer you wait, the longer this healing takes to occur. I once rehabilitated an 80-year-old, and although we achieved successful results, the procedure was challenging. Conversely, when the thyroid is working properly, the endocrine and digestive systems are restored which also helps weight comes off. Through Chinese Medicine, we have learned the roles of the liver/gallbladder, spleen/pancreas, kidney/bladder and heart/small intestine play throughout this process. When cleaned and tuned up, life becomes a sweeter melody, and you can freely sing its songs. 


Kinesiological testing for computability is essential for all assessments and interventions. The thyroid gland can often be restored by the right iodine formula. Are you ready to come alive, regrow your hair, and loose the roll around the middle? These results can be achieved with nutrition, herbs and homeopathy. For more information, call 941-539-4232 or visit 


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