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4 Inspirational Books Everyone Should Read This Summer

by Four Pillars 


Whether you prefer to read in a traditional paper book format, iPad, Nook or Kindle, here are a few inspirational selections worth adding to your summer reading list. It’s important to constantly discover new and positive ways of thinking. We feel certain that you’ll find at least one book to enjoy from these suggestions! So, throughout this summer season, fuel your mind, body, spirit and social connections. 


Honor Yourself by Patricia Spadaro Yourself guides the reader through various ways to understand the art of giving, receiving and balancing what others need versus what you need. This book explains how to draw boundaries, determine your priorities, be honest about unhealthy people in your life and give from the heart rather than from the head. Putting these strategies into practice will give birth to your best self, enabling you to give creatively and abundantly in ways that honor others. The book is divided into four thematic sections:  
Fill Yourself and Honor Your Inner Needs,” “Give Yourself Away and Honor Your Heart,”Free Yourself and Honor Endings” and, finally, “Celebrate Yourself and Honor Your Own Voice.” 


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz 

This is the perfect pocket-size book for discovering how we create stories about ourselves and our lives in our own minds. This well-known Toltec nagual offers four principles to implement for the purpose of creating love and happiness in your life. The Four Agreements are powerful in their simplicity. For those just starting out on a personal growth path, following The Four Agreements on a daily basis can become an excellent study in self-awareness. With practice, these agreements will become integrated into the entire being as effortless habits to help navigate your life. 


Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup, MD 

This book is about ageless living without the fear of declining, while understanding that growing older is an opportunity to know your value. The book walks through five steps of becoming and remaining an ageless goddess. Divided into twelve sections, the first eleven chapters focus on the attributes of “real” goddesses like loving without losing themselves and moving joyously throughout various circumstances. Throughout this entire book, the author’s point remains clear––more than any vitamin or pill, our thoughts and beliefs ultimately dictate our health and vitality.  


Mindfulness for Beginners: Reclaiming the Present Moment—and Your Life by Jon Kabat-Zinn 

With a beginner’s mindset, this insightful book helps readers become their own teachers, fully present throughout each moment. The book also includes a CD with five meditations, and the chapters walk you through various methods to enter, sustain, deepen, and practice mindfulness. In addition, each section has a “lesson-a-day” primer on mindfulness practice. 



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