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Chinese Health Gem of the Month: Addressing Hives

Jun 30, 2016 10:33PM

by Rene Ng, DOM, AP, L.Ac. 


Practically everyone has suffered from hives at some point in time, and some of us face this issue constantly. Hives, as you know, are highly unpleasant. They are red, swollen, often, cause a hot sensation. But, the worst aspect of hives is the itchiness they cause. Hives occur due to a number of factors including tension, stress, food, allergies, medication, and overexposure to sunlight or wind on your skin. 

Natural honey is among the most effective topical solutions to put on hives. Rub a little honey on the affected area and keep the honey there for about fifteen minutes. You can then wash off the honey with cold water, do not use hot water, as the hives will cause an unpleasant burning sensation. Here are some tips to consider next time you experience hives: 


  • Hives can leave permanent scars, so refrain from scratching the affected area.  

  • As previously mentioned, avoid exposing the affected area with hot water or heating pads.  

  • Avoid wearing clothing that are too tight or warm, as these may irritate the rash and cause itching. Wool or polyester fabrics are among the worst 

  • Avoid eating spicy foods or drinking alcohol, and don’t expose your skin to direct sunlight 


These Chinese health gems are natural folk remedies used by native Chinese households for thousands of years. They work wonders naturally, so experience their benefits for yourself! 


Rene Ng, DOM, AP, L.Ac, is a licensed and boardcertified Acupuncture Physician in Sarasota. For more information, call 9417735156 or email [email protected]. 


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