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The Facts about Salt Water Softeners

Jun 30, 2016 10:34PM

By Bill Nelson, Senior Water Specialist

Environmental pollutants which nature never intended are destroying our useable water. Nature doesn’t create water but recycles it continually. Regardless of what you’ve heard, salt water softeners only perform one function––soften the water by adding salt, while removing valuable minerals that are essential to our physical health. Calcium and Magnesium are important for the body because they build strong bones and teeth to prevent osteoporosis. In addition, they serve as natural buffering agents to reduce the water’s acidity, making it drinkable.
The term “hard water: simply means there is too much calcium and magnesium in your household’s water supply. This hard water causes scale build-up on your plumbing which can lead to corrosion and costly repairs, while leaving residue on your dishes and damaging your hair, skin and clothing. Homeowners often attempt to resolve this hard water issue through water softeners which are commonly believed to filter out harmful contaminates. However, that assumption is false.
Water softeners present large-scale health and environmental risks because they only remove the hardness of water but leave behind the hazardous chemicals. In fact, you would need a filtration system to effectively eliminate these chemicals from your drinking water. Softeners backflush once per day into the environment, so salt must be continually added to maintain the unit’s functioning. Nevertheless, there is another solution to this ongoing issue. The Salt-Free Hard Water Conditioner can be installed along with your sanitizing system. Rather than removing calcium and magnesium, this product suspends it inside your hot water tank and pipes, so you can enjoy drinkable clean water, while retaining the calcium and magnesium benefits your body needs.  
Every day, we learn more information about improperly treated water. Take chlorine, for instance. This chemical was once considered ideal for killing bacteria and disease, but new studies reveal the body actually processes chlorine. When you wash fruits and vegetables with chlorinated water, the residue permeates the food you will consume, or if you shower with chlorinated water, the residue similarly absorbs into your skin. For 50 years, water filtration hasn’t changed––water softeners reduce calcium and magnesium yet replace these nutrients with salt; reverse osmosis systems strip the water of its natural minerals to produce extremely acidic water; and expensive filters must be changed periodically with usage.
Now that you know the dangers of water softeners and reverse osmosis. stop buying expensive bottled water and adding salt with a softener. Start enjoying a healthy alternative, Sparky Healthy Water, which sanitizes your drinking water through 100-year-old technology from Europe. This process utilizes ozone that retains the important minerals your body needs to thrive. Sparky Healthy Water is also a no-maintenance system that never needs salt or chemicals additives and requires no filter replacements.

For more information on installing a Sparky Healthy Water system in your own home, call 941-202-9050 or visit Major credit cards accepted.


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