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Feeling Lost or Off-Focus? 15 Ways to Get Back on Your Path

Aug 01, 2016 12:04AM

by Four Pillars Coaching  


We all feel “off” at some point in life––that sensation of what am I doing here? What is the best direction for me? How do I feel balanced in all aspects of my life? And, we intuitively know the key to getting back on-track is not staying in a negative mindset. Make that switch in your brain to a positive, focused mindset. This is easier said than done, however. Often, we do not have to have the master plan figured out, but need to take steps in the right direction before our circumstances start to falling into place. 

When you feel “off,” many times you don’t know how to begin making a positive transition. Instead of feeling proactive, you feel overwhelmed. So, what are some easy-to-implement strategies for getting back on your destined path? If you nurture your mind, body, spirit and social connections, answers will start revealing themselves. Simply ask yourself, Where do I want to start––with my mind, body, spirit or social connections? What will suit me at this time? Listen to your inner voice. 


15 Ways to Get Back on Your Path and Find Balance. 


For Your Mind: 

  1. Read an inspiring book. By adopting a new perspective on various situations, you’ll change counterproductive thought patterns into hopeful possibilities. Look for your “aha” moment in the book, then stop and fully digest that thought. Share it with others, so it truly resonates within you. 

  1. Learn a new skill or activity. Cultivating new skills––whether or not you continue it throughout life––will open your mind to unprecedented opportunities and experiences. You just might learn something that can be applied specifically to your unique life path.  

  1. Talk with a life coach. Many people are unsure how life coaches can offer assistance, but these professionals are specially trained to help you process your current circumstances and provide insight on how to reach your aspirations. Even one session can make a significant difference. There is no commitment to ongoing sessions. 

  1. Engage in meditation. Setting aside “quiet time to tune into your inner voice is extremely valuable. Find a peaceful, distraction-free and comfortable space (e.g. nature, a chair or the beach), then still your mind and, most importantly, remember to breathe. Our breath sustains life and allows the brain to function properly. 


For Your Body: 

  1. Take a nature walk. Science has proven than simply walking can help you maintain a healthy weight, strengthen your bones and muscles, lower blood pressure, improve your mood and ground your focus. 

  1. Indulge in a massage or facial. These treatments can rejuvenate both yourmind and body, thereby helping to maintain emotional balance, concentration and mental clarity. 

  1. Eat nutritious food. Listen to your hunger cravings but make choices that your body actually needs. The fuel you give your body also fuels your brain. 

  1. Practice daily yoga or exercise. Even just five minutes of movement per day can make a positive impact, so commit to staying active. 

  1. Take care of your skin. This is the largest organ in the human body, so make sure to nourish, hydrate and exfoliate your skin on a daily basis in order to stimulate that “inner glow. 


For Your Spirit: 

  1. Attend an uplifting workshop. It’s amazing what the power of group involvement can accomplish. A workshop can teach you new insights, awaken your inner being and connect you to other like-minded people. 

  1. Experience Reiki. This ancient healing treatment has been used for thousands of years to balance the chakras, or energy centers of your body, to promote emotional well-being.  

  1. Try a life purpose discovery exercise. An honest assessment of where your life journey is headed and how you feel about your body image, stress levels, sense of purpose, positive self-talk and more will uplift your inner being. So, listen to your intuitive self. 


For Your Social Connections:  

  1. Enjoy a unique café, wine bar or live music venue. Invite your friends and make this a recurring weekly get-together. 

  1. Take a class or join a club. Whether you’re interested in figure drawing, paddle-boarding or running marathons, when you share these pursuits with others in your community, they become outlets for building friendships. 

  1. Attend an inspiring event. Discover motivation for your own life trajectory, while surrounded by people who share that passion for personal growth and self-improvement. 


Taking just one of the steps above will help you feel determined, focused, relaxed and joyful within. Although it often doesn’t feel this way, the universe is filled with abundant potential for success and support along your path. 


About Four Pillars Coaching: 

At Four Pillars, we have created a coaching process to help you transition from your present situation to your ideal destination in each of the pillars––mentally, physically, spiritually and socially. With support from our coaches, you’ll learn to tap into your intuition, find solutions and create the life you desire. At Four Pillars, we invite you to “come build yourself. In addition, we provide massages, facials, Reiki, workshops and a mindful bookstore. 


Four Pillars is located at 8209 Nature’s Way, Suite 221, Lakewood Ranch in the San Marco Plaza. For more information, call 941-373-3955 or visit 




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