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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte


Aug 01, 2016 12:04AM

by Alan Fisher 


As I sit here on the deck of this cabin overlooking a beautiful lake enfolded by trees, with the occasional duck or loon floating by, it's easy to feel at peace with life. From this idyllic physical setting, I offer a vibrational attunement through my heart and consciousness to those around the world longing for that same peaceful of living. 

This “mind-made” world is both insane and destructive––everyone seeking to “get” rather than “give.” Human hearts and their victim consciousness have been filled with hate, anger and fear, blaming arbitrary groups––Jews, Muslims, infidels, immigrants, Americans, Russians, the wealthy, government leaders, the list goes on––for all their troubles.  

Some people are awakening to the realization that no answer exists at our human nature level. No amount of fire power, gun control, defensiveness, compromise, negotiations or political correctness will resolve the problems in this world. Vibrationally, verbally and consciously, we need to declare, “Enough already!” Some people finally understand they can't change the world    ––only their attitudes and contributions within the world. Although this seems simple in theory, it requires a shift in consciousness and change in our “ego identity.” We must relinquish our own agendas in favor of the greater good. 

Moreover, we must surrender to the Higher Intelligence that created life itself.  Regardless of what name you give this Power, the reality is that a divine influence controls this world and every inhabitant. Something moves the earth, cultivates nature, orchestrates the cosmos and makes you exist. We all belong to the family of Man––no matter our skin colors, genders, nationalities or any other cultural divide. Everyone is included. No one is excluded. It's impossible to separate oneself from all forms of life. 

         So, lay down your weapons, protests, objections, opinions, judgments, criticisms and self-active minds.  They just don’t carry weight in this grander cosmic scheme. We are all created equal, but that doesn’t mean we possess equal ability or entitlement to the material wealth, opportunities or experiences that others might have. We were given life which is a miracle in itself. Hopefully, we’ll continue enjoying human liberties and the pursuit of happiness, but nobody else on this planet can make you happy. Only you can decide to be happy––no matter the outer circumstances. After all, we’re in this world, but not of it. 

        If all people are considered God’s children, we must stop fighting about our differences. We can achieve this with surrender, meditation, stillness and thankfulness. As we humbly connect to that Higher Source, we might just find the spaciousness to love one another. 

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