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Returning to Your Original Love Vibe

Sep 01, 2016 12:20AM

by Dr. Paula Koger BSN, MA, DOM 


My first exposure to Einstein’s concept that all matter exists in “energy or frequenciestook place during college physics. Years later, I now understand how that principle has expanded in my treatment and assessment of people through healing or energizing processes. This tool is the foundational element I use to activate the energy flow and release any blocks to attain a higher level of consciousness. Moreover, it can be activated through music and sound frequencies. 

David Hawkins taught us that every level of consciousness has a frequency. He identified these frequencies between 100–1000. Most of mankind operates at a frequency of 200 which happens to be a negative space. Conversely, however, 526 is the love frequency, and it’s universally accepted that “love heals all.”  

So, we can remove those blockages to our healing “love vibe by identifying the pitch we’re currently rooted in, then introducing sounds and awareness to transition from suffering, pain or limitations to joy and fulfillment. When we focus on the feeling caused by this original block, while listening to the therapeutic sound, we can move beyond interferences and restore that original love vibe. 

I have come to understand that each person possesses a natural intelligence which manifests our wholeness, health and happiness. Since frequencies often interfere with this natural state of wholeness, it’s beneficial to introduce new frequencies that can assist in removing our inhibited ability to vibrate in health and happiness.  

 Healing, therefore, involves restoration of our original pattern of frequency which is unique to every individual. To heal ourselves, we must discover the frequency in nature, sound, thought, food, prayer, meditation and movement. We find a frequency that matches the blockage or restores the flow, then introduce that frequency through modalities including sound and other frequency activating devices or computer programs. With the right toxin removal through food, homeopathy, herbs or diet, these frequencies can activate energy flow that was previously hindered by past traumas and patterns. 

Most of these results depend on what each client will accept and allow to work for them. I call it active faith and allowing. Nothing can be done to us against our will, yet everything is possible with the will and receptivity of that individual. So, healing ultimately requires trust and openness to the recommended protocol and practitioner’s resonance. 


Attractor Field Therapy 

I studied Attractor Field Therapy with Dr. Ebert and learned how Autonomic Response Testing is used to determine the sound frequency for each person and dilemma, block or disturbed pattern we label as “disease.” By tuning into the pattern, while listening to the corresponding sound, we can “move mountains” of accumulated dis-ease. Through this process, I learned that frequencies exist for every issue and health condition. I have seen it correct arrhythmia when used along with other support modalities. 


Auditory Integration Therapy 

Our most amazing successes have been with patients and children who willingly allowed this form of sound therapy to heal. I’ve personally observed healing results with Autism, memory loss, hearing loss, head injury, tinnitus, and other decreases or alterations in brain function. 

An audiogram is given to test hearing acuity, and the patient is subsequently assessed then treated for undetected ear blockages and infections. This sound therapy involves 10 days of listening to the prescribed music through a special sound altering device developed Dr. Guy Bernard, a French physician of international acclaim. I have seen dramatic results like children achieving higher grades or improving attention and focus. 

I find that, without frequent exception, we all possess emotional blocks, but identifying releasing them restores our original love vibe. I feel strongly about this after more than 40 years in the healthcare sector, and now I only accept patients who are ready to address this aspect of themselves––which usually exists beneath their conscious knowing yet holds the blocks and tensions we call disease.These solutions are most effectively achieved through learning what personally helps you tune into your unique self. Therefore, I guide each person to develop their own “doctor within” to find a natural state of wellness––the love vibe. 


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