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Pest Control Goes “Green” On the Suncoast

Sep 01, 2016 12:20AM

by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer 


Here’s a “creepy-crawly” statistic that might cause you to rethink your present living conditions: an estimated 11,500 native insect species inhabit the state of Florida (Forest Science). The biodiversity of this region’s coastal, marsh and aquatic ecosystems, together with its sub-tropical climate, make the Sunshine State a breeding ground for roaches, ants, silverfish, earwigs and other six-legged irritants.  

In fact, these unwelcome denizens often infiltrate our households, tainting the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with pathogens, bacteria and viral strains. Although pesticides can mitigate this issue temporarily, the chemical residue from those mainstream brands could induce toxic exposure––thereby, substituting one problem for another. So, the question remains: how can home and business owners defeat insect invaders, without jeopardizing physical wellness or environmental consciousness? 

Enter: A Natural Pest Control. Since 1996, this local establishment has serviced both residential and commercial properties, from Manatee to Sarasota County. During this 20-year bandwidth, A Natural Pest Control has been recognized by the National Pest Management Association, Florida Pest Management Association, Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce Better Business Council and Manatee Chamber of Commerce Better Business Council. However, accolades aside, its continued success is rooted within the ecologically sustainable and customer oriented approaches this company was founded upon. 

Across our decades of experience, we’ve established a responsible, effective and convenient system of pest control. Our dedication to human and environmental safety, through both the products and methods we utilize, offers your entire family peace of mind. We take pride in using the most advanced ‘green’ treatments for non-allergenic and even pet-friendly results. Our technicians are required to pass all state-accredited training programs before entering the field to deliver an unmatched quality of service. In addition, we are licensed and insured for your protection, and our family-owned business model promotes the individualized attention you often won’t find at larger companies,” expounds owner Randy Jones. 

Moreover, he continues, “If you appreciate convenience, you'll love our simplicity and long-lasting protection––no monthly visits, surface sprays or lingering odors. We target your insect population at the source, without synthetic materials or hazardous chemicals. Plus, should a problem resurface for any reason, we’ll return to the property––guaranteed.Case-in-point: those 11,500 interlopers won’t be skulking around your doorstep anytime soon, and for this reassurance, Suncoast residents have A Natural Pest Control to thank.  


New customers are eligible to receive a discount on their first year of service. Just present the coupon from A Natural Pest Control’s ad in Natural Awakenings. For more information, call 941-926-1190, email [email protected] or visit 


Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer is the Managing Editor of Natural Awakenings Sarasota–Manatee. She also works as a freelance writer, blogger and social media marketer based in Southwest Florida. Her personal blog features practical tips for embracing a fit, nutritious and empowered lifestyle.  



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