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What Can I Do? I’m Just One Person

Sep 30, 2016 12:13PM

by Juliette Jones 


The world seems to have turned upside down. As we look to our social institutions for functionality, it’s become increasingly difficult to find integration. Whether in the economy, education, healthcare accessibility, environmental integrity or the absence of public service in government, the story remains the same.  

That which we once depended upon as functional and trustworthy has slipped away. Now, by necessity, people have begun discovering and adopting alternative approaches to these conventional ways of thinking and living in order to mitigate what appears an escalating trend of disintegration.  


Everyone Can Make a Difference. 

To some degree, everyone is impacted by this massive state of imbalance. Therefore, each must learn to navigate a proverbial sea of transformation during what is quite possibly the most critical turning point in human history. Although it can be difficult to realize how we can change the big picture, we must realize our individual and collective potential to exert our inherent creative power in ways we might not have even considered. Lately, I have been inspired by people who have found a way to make a real difference, both in their own life experiences and how they affect the lives of others. 

Through spiritual faith, like-minded community and sacred purpose fulfillment, we find the greatest inspiration, protection and meaning. The evolution of our human receptivity to a larger spiritual identity is moving forward, and more people are realizing this motivational force. The certainty of––and feeling for––Higher Dimensional Reality is becoming more consciously apparent, and there are a growing number of torchbearers from every walk of life. Perhaps this emergence is related to worldwide upheaval. However, it occurs to me that our world might not have turned upside down, but rather, is turning inside-out.  


There is a power for good in the universe, and you can use it. 

                                                                                                                     ––Ernest Holmes 


There is an actual “living power of love and truth implanted in every human being, and to the extent we allow ourselves to be open to this, we can profoundly influence our own lives and the world at large. I make mention below of two contemporary individuals––one of whom lives in our own community––who have accomplished a great deal through profound spiritual awakening. 


What is the most difficult thing God asks us to do? To love other people. It is very hard now to have this capacity for love, and it is ever more difficult to act upon it.  

And yet, it is God’s great and foremost commandment.                                          ––Mikhail Morgulis 


Mikhail Morgulis is a prolific Russian-born author of nine books, editor and theologian who resides in Sarasota County. Not long ago, he was confirmed by the U.S. State Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belarus as Honorary Counsel of Belarus in the United States, in Florida. This is somewhat of a rare political appointment, but Dr. Morgulis possesses a confidence in his purpose born out of genuine, internal spiritual awakening. His life work as a catalyst for human transformation and a better life for all––irrespective of nation, culture or religion––has inspired wide-ranging confidence. 

Dr. Morgulis, left Russia as a journalist in 1977, where a “harsh, Godless world of lies,” motivated him to seek freedom of expression and opportunity for spiritual development. In the United States, he devoted extensive study to the doctrines of Christianity, and was moved to a deep realization that the purity of God’s love, and “unshakable values of true Christianity, embody the meaning and inspiration that people seek. 

As President and founder of the Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation, Mikhail brings the motto God is Loveinto a cross-cultural and inter-belief context. This, alongside his personal commitment to tolerance, humility and authenticity, have positioned him both behind-the-scenes and in the center of international political and diplomatic circles in the midst of complex global issues 

In addition, his radio segment “Return to God” was the first Christian program to broadcast in the Russian language, and he was the first person in history to pray with a President of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev. Dr. Morgulis is certain that Gorbachev played the preeminent role in the fall of this Iron Curtain, and it was with Gorbachev’s blessing that he founded Spiritual Diplomacy under the auspices of Christian Bridge International. Morgulis continues to work tirelessly writing, broadcasting, traveling and bringing these laws of love into practice. 

Furthermore, Dr. Morgulis is convinced there is a birth of a “new previously unknown energy coming into this world, which we have not seen before, carried forward by the new generation which will harness a power to break through previous hard-wired consciousness and ways of life. 


If I did not know life’s larger purpose, how could I know my own purpose? 

       ––Barbara Marx-Hubbard 


Another torchbearer, who has felt this worldwide shift in energy, is futurist Barbara Marx-Hubbard. In 1984, she became the first woman to be nominated from the floor as a U.S. Vice-Presidential candidate. She later withdrew her nomination to help the more politically popular Geraldine Ferraro make a smooth entry into the role. However, realizing that her political popularity was negligible, Marx-Hubbard used the opportunity to communicate her vision for this country and message to the world through her acceptance speech at the 1984 Democratic Convention.   

The theme of her campaign was far-reaching and light years ahead of what most people were prepared to recognize: “To fulfill the truth to change the world. We face a tyranny far greater than King George (referencing the American struggle for independence); the tyranny we face is the extinction of the human race.” She called for a “peace room” at the White House in order to highlight successful projects, people and initiatives for world peace. Moreover, she recommended expansion of the Vice-Presidential role to include “an office for the future” which she was thoroughly prepared to instate. 

Although this message did not resonate politically, Marx-Hubbard went on to create the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, believing that “humanity is now on the verge of a quantum leap, and if we are able to integrate our newly emerging scientific, technological, social and spiritual capacities, we could transform ourselves and the future to meet our vast new potentials. 

As a species, we still have not collectively manifested what the creative power of love and truth can accomplish. Nevertheless, we can use the laboratory of our own lives to demonstrate how these great cosmic forces can change our thinking and change our lives. So, what can I do as one person? I can strive to know and fulfill my larger purpose, as I transform to more fully realize this power of love and truth. It is possible to move mountains, and by collectively realizing our spiritual identity, we can move the world. 


Love is within us. It cannot be destroyed. It cannot be ignored. To the extent that we have abandoned love, we will feel it has abandoned us. Denying love is our only problem,  

and embracing it is the only answer. Through the power of love,  

we can let go of past history and begin again.    

         ––Ernest Holmes 

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