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Elysian Fields Presents “Reconnecting with Your Past Lives” Workshop

Elysian Fields is excited to welcome Jef Bartow on November 3, 7–9 p.m., for his class “Reconnecting with Your Past Lives: An Experiential Journey.” Based on a comprehensive mandala of human consciousness, each person has the opportunity to visit their past, both in current and previous lives. This event will teach you what the mandala is, then provide a guided experiential journey into one of your past lives. Utilizing guided meditation, with the mandala’s energy, will open the unconscious to past circumstances and realities that significantly affect the present.  

Although most people will not connect with a Joan of Arc or Charlemagne, everyone has important past lives that impact them today. As metaphysics postulates and science confirms, energy is neither created nor destroyed––only changed. Reconnecting and experiencing one’s individual past energies provides the opportunity to transmute them as part of resolving one’s karma in this life.  

In addition to his class, Bartow will also be conducting follow-up Past Life Consultations on November 4 and November 6.  Based on an individual’s experience during the workshop, this one-on-one session will penetrate deeper into the past life contacted for additional clarity regarding these circumstances and events. Further utilizing the Akashic Records and the individual’s astrology chart, Bartow will reveal insights on how this past life impacts today’s life. Both inner intuitive work and key aspects within the natal astrology chart are important in understanding how past experiences affect current challenges and opportunities.  Consultations are for workshop attendees only.  


Location: 1273 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Workshop Cost: $35. Consultation Cost: $110 for 60 minutes. Pre-registration required. To sign up, call 941-361-3006. For more information, visit or  


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