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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

The Power and Authority of Calmness

Oct 31, 2016 01:24PM

by Juliette Jones 


Now that prophetic predictions have been realized for the necessity to move from one worldview or lifestyle to another, as published in the best-seller guide of the ‘90s Megatrends 200, we are left with the manifestations of future shock. Much of our society feels destabilized and anxiety-ridden, not only due to the extremely rapid speed of transformation, but the disintegrative nature of how circumstances are changing.    

A paradigm shift across-the-board is affecting the nature of our cultural institutions––the environment, food sources, water and air quality, political views, public service, economic stability, business practices, medicine, education, communication and, most particularly, how we deal with the uncertainties and tensions arising from what appears to be both a powerful and complex trap. 


Is Modern Humanity Undergoing a Rite of Passage? 

The C.G. Jung Society of Sarasota will explore this question through an upcoming presentation in January as noted below: 


On a global level, the past and the future are converging with extraordinary force. Old structures are cracking; the moment of creative chaos is upon us. What new structures will emerge to shape our future? This is much like what takes place on an individual level in initiatory rites of passage, in near-death experiences, in spiritual crisis and in critical stages of what Jung called the individuation process. Can we find grounding––an eye in the storm––from which we can engage this time of intense polarization and radical change? 


With the planet and human systems undergoing tremendous structural change, is it any wonder that people feel disconnected, and are suffering from anxiety, disorientation and life-altering stress. It should be no secret by now that stress causes disruption of both physical and mental health. Prolonged stress and worry is a primary causal factor of dis-ease.   


Where a Problem Exists, a Solution Exists. 

Like many others who are spiritually inclined, life continues to be rooted in a metaphysical practice and meditation as a path for successful living. I see the human experience as a matriculation into “Earth School” where we effectuate transformation through encounters with opportunities and challenges––some of which are critical and some, seemingly impossible.  

As uncomfortable or painful as our difficulties might be, growth and evolution is often tied to our most difficult challenges. This statement is not made lightly, but with real understanding that rites of passage which accompany critical life challenges can either evolve or extinguish us––literally.  


When Wolves Are at the Door, Go Deeper. 

Our most valuable asset is an infallible understanding of how spiritual principles work. More than ever, it has become absolutely necessary to trust in the Universe and know how to use our connectedness to Higher Being. When we practice the ability to focus beyond circumstance and learn to allow energies to flow from Higher Mind, they regulate negative charges in both the mind and body, clearing a space to manifest new opportunity and direction.   

Personal challenges are the grist for developing spiritual confidence, and the only way to develop such confidence is through practice in the laboratory of self until one can say, “I know my wholeness and unity with Spirit amidst the winds of change. I am calm and confident as I encounter change and expect a good outcome,”––and truly mean those words! 

We all know the power of worry and anxiety, but few understand the power and majesty of calmness. We are dynamic beings. Restricting the flow of spiritual energies causes strain and tension which diminish health, circumstance and peace of mind. What might happen if we practiced calmness in the way people practice worry? It stands to reason that, if we substitute calmness for worry, we will generate a different energetic state within and around us. How far-reaching is that influence? 

When I was about nineteen, I learned about the majesty of calmness through a means I will never forget. I left my family home and relocated to California––a sudden move, brought about by the death of my father. In California, I had few friends or resources, but I managed to find work and a cottage in Topanga Canyon where I felt secure and close to nature. However, I soon lost the job which was quite disheartening.   

My work experience was slim, as I had been accustomed to the life of a student supported by my parents. I had cast myself upon the sea of self-reliance, and my diminished circumstance moved me to worry. As I contemplated the situation, I made a fateful decision to take a day––just one day––and do something that I profoundly enjoyed. 

My neighbor, who was expecting a baby, kept several horses, and I had made it my business to help her care for them. This was one task I knew how to perform. She was always grateful to have them taken out for exercise, and when I asked for permission to spend the day riding, we happened to have a chat, and I mentioned the recent loss of my job 

I took my favorite horse and rode into the fire trails for that entire day. It was a marvelous experience––one I will never forget––and when I returned that evening, I put the animal away, took a shower, then fell upon my bed exhausted. 

As the sun was setting in the half-light of my room, I spoke to God from within––directly to the Divine Presence, completely relaxed and with a sincere heart. “The sacred books say that if I depend upon You, I will be cared for. Just for tonight, I will keep myself completely free of worry and hold absolute trust.” Then I arose, prepared a cup of tea and began to read from a book on spiritual studies, feeling at peace and careful to keep my mind wrapped in my resolve not to worry 

About half an hour later, there was a knock on my door. It was my neighbor’s husband.  “Julie, my wife told me you need a job. Well, today I happened to speak with one of my customers, a wealthy and interesting lady who wants to hire an assistant, and I thought of you. It’s not only a job. I think it’s the perfect job for you!”  As it turned out, he was exactly right. I began working for her the following week––a job that lasted for years, put me through college and offered many unusual benefits.   

This surprising synchronicity is just one of many instances that showed me the wisdom and power of remaining calm when wolves seem close to the door, and taking life day-by-day.  In fact, calmness and trust create a space for the Higher Mind to orchestrate events in ways that appear miraculous.   



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