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Best-Selling Author to Present “Light Your Own Spark of Hope” Workshop at Four Pillars

Oct 31, 2016 01:24PM

by Leann Spofford 


Author, spiritual mentor, transformational coach, speaker and Sarasota resident Lara Habig found herself drowning in the river of denial and deep depression, combined with a health crisis, 25-year marriage ending and spiritual awakening. Numbing herself with anti-depressants, she masked her lack of self-confidence which only fueled anxiety, eating disorders, self-loathing and neglect. 

On the outside, Habig’s life seemed picture perfect. However, when this perfectworld finally collapsed, she was forced to rebuild her life with a simple spark of hope. During her spiritual awakening, numerous dormant intuitive gifts arose from the ashes including a unique healing technique that helps to clear away blockages that inhibit people from their true calling.    

By looking within, Habig was able to live from a place of more than enough”––a place of limitless potential. Today, she has merged her personal and professional success to mentor others toward realizing their own dreams. When living from this soul-purpose spot, people begin to realize that no amount of money, possessions or worldly success can satisfy then. Its only by going within, that people can fill the hole in their hearts. 

Habig is on a mission to teach others how to dive inside, release the old patterns that keep them stuck, uncover their unique purpose and live from that spot each day. She offers a broad range of services including individual mentoring, VIP days, group retreats, online classes, workshops and seminars around the globe.  

As a Butler University graduate, Habig began her career by filling a newrehabilitation center to maximum capacity, utilizing innovative and creative marketing ideas. She also hosted a live radio show on healthcare issues for seniors. Soon after, she openedDoozie Marketing, a one-stop-shop for businesses to fill their marketing needs. While transitioning to the coaching field, Habig also published her first book, #1 Amazon Best-SellerMore Than Enough: Discover Your Limitless Potential and Live Your Bravest Dream. She holds a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Radio and Television, iCoach University Training, Life Purpose Certification Training and Reiki Master Teacher Certification.  

Her book asks the question, are you enough to pursue your bravest dream? What if the internal confusion and despair that stems from not feeling like you’re enough was actually the conduit to your soul’s calling? In More Than Enough, Habig, founder and CEO of Limitless Soul, takes you on a transformational journey to delve into your limiting beliefs, rise above your fears, and discover your limitless potential and live your bravest dream. This powerful book will help you achieve the following benefits: 

  • Release your self-limiting beliefs that hold you back. 

  • Release your old patterns and open up to unlimited possibilities. 

  • Reconnect with your soul’s desire to enjoy the beauty of life. 

  • Reconnect with your Higher Self and receive wisdom from Spirit. 

  • Renew your divine commitment to self-care and self-worth. 

  • Renew your limitless passion to pursue your greatest dreams.  


This book is available for purchase at the Four Pillars bookstore, as well as through Amazon and Audible. In addition to workshops, Four Pillars offers massage and facials, Reiki, acupuncture and life coaching. Four Pillars is your go-to” place to learn, relax, energize and reinvent.  


Four Pillars is located at 8209 Natures Way, Suite 221, Lakewood Ranch. To schedule an appointment or register for this workshop, call 941-373-3955. For more information, visit For more information on Lara Habig, visit 






Workshop Title:Light Your Own Spark of Hope 


Date: November 10, 7–9 p.m.  


Cost: $35 (includes a signed copy of the book) 


Summary: If you’re feeling burdened by various life stressors, dreading the holiday season or even struggling to find incentive to keep going on a daily basis. In this lighthearted and intimate workshop, transformational spiritual coach and best-selling author Lara Habig will introduce her book More Than Enough: Discover Your Limitless Soul & Live Your Bravest Dream. This narrative outlines her own journey from “not enough” to “more than enough,” offering tools to help readers discover their inner realm of potential to live without restraints.  


RSVP: call Four Pillars at 941-373-3955 




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