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Did You Know…?

Nov 30, 2016 07:52PM

by Laurie Letzo 


Most store-bought household products––cleaners, air fresheners and many others––contain harmful chemicals and toxins that poison your home’s indoor air quality. The EPA links volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carcinogenic air pollutants found in mainstream household cleaners to numerous health problems including eye, nose or throat irritation and damage to the central nervous system. 

Creating a chemical-free home environment doesn’t have to be complicated. Essential oils from Young Living are a great place to start. Often referred to as “nature’s living energy,” essential oils possess unique properties that provide a host of benefits. For example, they are key ingredients for neutralizing the harsh odors found in most store-bought household cleaners. Why not just use essential oils directly?   

Clearly, moving toward a chemical-free home is important for our health, body, mind and spirit. But where should you begin? Create your own chemical-free and healthier alternatives to the mass-market cleaning products found in most stores. Use powerful Young Living Essential Oils and ingredients basics like baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, rubbing alcohol and olive oil. Here are two DIY recipes to get you started: 


  • Ditch the store-bought furniture polish. Mix two-parts olive oil, one-part lemon juice and 5–6 drops of Young Living Lemon Essential Oil. 


  • When it’s time for everyday dusting, simply use a mixture of water and Young Living Lavender Essential Oil. 


For more DIY recipes to make your home an uplifting, chemical-free place for both you and your family, call 941-203-1225, email [email protected], visit or like Sarasota Essential Oils on Facebook.  


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