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Therapeutic & Herbal Thai Poultice Treatments: New Wellness Service from Four Pillars

Nov 30, 2016 07:52PM

by Four Pillars Staff 


The Four Pillars spa team is always looking for the latest treatments and innovative methods of pampering our guests with self-care and natural healing modalities. We are dedicated to providing treatments that are rooted with ancient belief systems but suited for our modern world lifestyle. We are thrilled to now be offering two Thai poultice treatments. 


What is a Thai poultice treatment? 

A Thai Poultice treatment involves the use of Thai stretching massage techniques and a warmed poultice filled with herbs and oils, tailored to your needs, in order to provide maximum benefit during the treatment. 


What is a poultice? 

A poultice is made of soft fabric (i.e. unbleached muslin, cotton or linen bags) which soothes the body when used during a treatment. It holds ingredients and oils beneficial to the muscles, organs and body. Poultices are warmed or steamed, then placed on your body with a gentle but firm massage technique of kneading and rocking over the body. The heat helps relax the muscles, while the potent herbs have therapeutic effects. 


What is the history? 

Poultice use is an ancient technique stemming from Thailand, Southeast Asia and India. It was historically used on soldiers to help draw out toxins from wounds.  


What are the ingredients and their benefits? 

Most poultices use lemongrass to help regenerate connective tissue and stimulate lymphatic detox. Lime, camphor, tumeric and other native spices and herbs are often part of the mix. 


Royal Thai Poultice Massage (90-minute and 120-minute treatments available) 

Also known as Samunprai in Thai, translating into “warrior’s peace.” These exotic body treatments were applied to Siamese soldiers, dating as far back as the fourteenth century, to soothe muscle aches and pain. These treatments use organic Thai herbs in the form of a poultice which is steamed and applied to the body, combined with nurturing massage strokes and stretching. The body absorbs the heat and healing properties of the herbs within to nourish the tissues. Major benefits include:  


  • Reduced joint and muscle pain 

  • Increased circulation and lymphatic flow 

  • Accelerated recovery from sports activities  

  • Detoxified and boosted immune system 


Thai Facial Poultice Massage: Ta Suay (60-minute treatment) 

This luxuriously sophisticated restorative facial and massage involves steamed organic Thai herbal poultices which lift, sculpt, tone and restore the delicate facial tissues. Incorporated with a traditional Thai facial massage, this is a profoundly simple yet powerful experience worthy of treating oneself with. Major benefits include:  


  • Reduced puffiness and dark circles  

  • Lifted, contoured and reduced fine lines  

  • Smooth complexion, stimulate circulation to improve skin nutrition 

  • Alleviated sinus congestion and detoxification 

  • Hydrated skin and increased lymphatic flow 

  • Enhanced muscle memory for a long-term youthful look  


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