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Resistance to Change: Been Everywhere, Done Everything

Nov 30, 2016 07:52PM

by Dr. Paula Koger


I notice how easily we get accustomed to the same routine. Even when it no longer works in the larger context of our lives, it’s difficult to desire for a situation to change. The same is true for disease and patterns that cause disease. They become familiar, so we choose not to relinquish them. Sometimes, they also have a pay-off which is difficult to replace. For example, one woman I worked with to heal her back pain still decided to undergo surgery the surgery because she thought her doctor was “good looking.”

The same is true for healing any disease. We get accustomed to that dis-ease and, therefore, can’t visualize how life would unfold without its constant presence. I have numerous clients who have “been everywhere and done everything.” However, none of those treatments have worked, they tell me. When we expose the truth matter, they discover that, deep in the subconscious, they hadn’t been willing to participate in the actual healing process.

            Most people will declare, “I want to. I have been everywhere and done everything. Don’t tell me I don’t want to.” So, I respond by explaining the conscious mind does not always know about the blocks, limiting beliefs and patterns of the subconscious. That is why I have Biofeedback software such as NES, Zyto, Heart Quest and Neurointegrator to test for those obstructions. This technology can assess any subconscious blocks, release them and move on.

Most people believe only a doctor can heal, so they don’t accept their own power and ability to remove what is causing the disease. According to Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, the doctor’s job is to teach the patient to heal himself. Therefore, I desire to help you find your power to activate your life force to clear away those blocks. I remember a story of one woman who, upon receiving an x-ray of her lung tumor, told her doctor, “Give me an x-ray for a healthy lung.” She then took that x-ray home, displayed it on her window and observed that image for hours each day. As a result, she completely healed the tumor.

I just treated a man whose fifth chakra is blocked due to early childhood beatings––the pain of which he internalized and still manifests. He suffers from headaches, insomnia, brain fungus and mucus in his throat, causing unusual swallowing and belching symptoms. He has spent both time and money trying to eliminate these issues. When I told him exactly what the problem is, then offered the remedies and affirmation to release the block and restore the function of that autonomic regulatory center, he refused on the grounds that he could not afford treatment.

I told him, “You are simply resistant to getting well. If you do get well, you will have[PK1]  to deal with expressing all the amazingness that you are.” He smiled in recognition and replied, “I’ll be back.” Of course, he must accept this in his own time. First, he must begin to imagine life without these self-imposed limitations. In fact, we all must learn the path to healing, rather than about the disease that has compromised our well-being. That’s why I focus on the prognosis instead of the diagnosis.


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